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Thread: Suggestions for a hot but caffeine-free primal drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikaika View Post
    I LOVE plain Rooibos tea. It is also called Red Tea and has a very subtle vanilla flavor to it, in my opinion. It is amazing with a slice of ginger and a cinnamon stick, too.
    Rooibos has a substantial enough flavor to keep a reformed coffe drinker happy. (Unlike more fruity or flowery herbal teas).
    Quote Originally Posted by NKatz View Post
    I LOVE rooibos tea. It's naturally caffeine free, and it has a mild, pleasant flavor that doesn't require sweeteners, and it has a lot of antioxidants too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unicorn View Post
    I love rooibus tea. If not fasting, mix with a scant spoon of coconut oil and coconut milk. Also decaf chai tea is good with that too.
    I would use coconut cream. You can make your own chai mix and add it to rooibos. Awesomeness.

    How did I miss that post? Turmeric is good for so many things not the least of which is its cancer fighting properties. I think this is going to become a staple around my house.
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    I have a dropper bottle root beer flavored stevia and that shit tastes amazing in just plain water. Even more amazing if you heat the water first.

    ive also done it with chocolate flavored stevia liquid and as far as chocolate water is concerned its aces.

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    Ginger tea is nice. Just boil water and add ginger powder.

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