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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbird View Post
    Is this like cherry-picking the Ten Commandments?

    "They all sound good, but can I take a pass on #7 and #9?"

    You can eat whatever you want. Eat beans if you like, but why are you wanting/needing others to agree with you?
    I am not wanting nor needing anyone to agree with me. I simply have reason to believe that legumes may be healthier. I have greater reasons to consume fruit over legumes for at least the next year.
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    Legumes do bad things to my digestive system. Most fruits do, too. I avoid both, though I probably will make at least one exception for chili this winter, lol. Kind of like I *will* eat cake at my daughters' weddings in 20 years. No rule is without exception. If you want legumes really badly and you think your body can handle them, go for it.
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    You know, I really think that, just like dairy, legumes are an individual kind of thing. I occasionally eat fruit (other than berries, that is, as I eat A LOT of berries) and do fine. As for dairy, I do not do well on dairy so I had to exclude it form my diet (in spite of having access to most awesome raw pastured dairy, even made a ton of cultured butter from it per Mark's recipe but my body really does not tolerate dairy well, even super high fat and cultured). For some reason, nuts are not a problem for me (I am addicted to the Berry Nut Crumble from Mark's most recent cooking book) and as long as I don't eat more than 1 cup, ideally 1/2 cup a day, they actually help me lose weight which is kind of weird but, again, everyone is a very different animal, what works for others, may be different for you. Other than peanuts (as in, peanut stew on occasion), legumes do not agree with me so, for me, yes, they are A TON worse than fruit or nuts. That does not mean they are bad for you though. As long as you don't overdo it, give it a try and see how you/ your body react(s). Good luck and Grok on!

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    Legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains are all forms of seeds; some might be lower in omega-6 than others, but they compensate for it by being much higher in other undesirable compounds, some of which are quite toxic (even poisonous in the case of certain raw legumes). If you're going to eat any of these foods, it's best to sprout them, or, at the very least, soak them.
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    I may be wrong, but I recall from PB Mark saying alot of awful things about legumes (toxic, phytic acid, much likes grains they have to be cooked in such a crazy manner to not be toxic that Grok wouldn't have done it regularly).

    Not sure where fiber ends up being a good thing with all the toxins - that sounds like a very CW argument - Mark also devotes a chapter of PB to talking about how we get all our necessary Fiber from veggies.. and how added fiber is unnecessary to say the least.

    Also, I could reach for the book to confirm, but I remember the occasional indulgences being dairy, red wine, and dark chocolate.. not legumes. Perhaps I'm wrong.

    And as everyone has said, if it works for you, then do it. I just don't see the point of regularly incorporating something that doesn't give me any additional nutrition, is bad for my gut if not fermented, is high in carbs, and is toxic..
    Personally, lentils/peanuts wreak havoc on my digestive system - I am much more sensitive to them than even grains or sugar. This is always the final decision maker for me. If it doesn't make me feel good, I don't eat it.

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    Most people that have gluten issues or celiac can not have legumes do to leaky-gut the can't tolerate the toxic lectin levels found in legumes...

    Do dietary lectins cause disease? | British Medical Journal | Find Articles at BNET

    Celiac and Legumes

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    Beans make me pass gas and feel funny. I don't like 'em :P
    Plus the fact you have to cook 'em and can't eat them raw properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal Toad View Post
    Fruit has fructose which is the worst of all carbs. Fruit has a lot of vitamin c but our body does not really require it. It's easy to get anyway.

    Most nuts have a sick amount of omega 6. They also have more phytic acid than grains and legumes.

    Legumes have a lot of nutrition like nuts. They may have a lot of carbs but they also have a lot of fiber.

    If you don't pass gas after eating then why not eat them over potatoes, fruit and most nuts? They seem to be healthier to me.

    What do you guys think?

    Our body doesn't need vitamin C? Since when? Have we recently evolved the missing enzyme in vitamin C biosynthesis? Government edict says we need a paltry 90 mg of vitamin C daily, a minimal amount to avoid scurvy. Had a discussion on this on another forum recently. Animals make insane amounts of vitamin C daily (goats make 13000 mg/daily), why would humans need less than 1/100th of that? Enough on vitamin C though...

    I personally put nuts and beans in the same camp, ok occasionally, but not a foundation of a diet. Like dairy, I handle beans just fine. I do dairy daily. Beans a couple times a month, but haven't had any for a few weeks now.

    Some of the replies in this thread got me thinking, is Kool-aid paleo? Because it seems like many folks are chugging it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal Toad View Post
    I have been experimenting recently and notice that I don't do well with apples, clementines, etc. Sugar with no nutrition.................. Bananas are fine and of course berries.

    I'm not excluding all fruits. But a lot. Avocado is a fruit but is one of the healthiest plant foods around.
    See, that's the thing. I have never found a typical fruit I have had digestion issue with. I can get a little rumble from an avocado, but it's nothing major and they are incredibly fibrous. I think an avocado has around 20g of carbs, but about 16g is fiber, so some gurgling is expected.

    The interesting thing is that sweet potatoes really give me a rumble. I remove the skins, cut off the ends and I'm basically left with just very soft starch, and it still gives me all kinds of intestinal gurgling. I don't react nearly as badly to a can of black beans, yet sweet potatoes are Primal approved and legumes aren't. My body tells me that it likes white rice and beans far better than sweet potatoes, but I rarely eat white rice and beans and chow down on a dozen sweet potatoes in a carb refeed. Maybe I'm doing it wrong for my body?

    I ate 5 sweet potatoes last night and my gut is absolutely singing right now. It sounds like that machine from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbird View Post
    Is this like cherry-picking the Ten Commandments?

    "They all sound good, but can I take a pass on #7 and #9?"

    You can eat whatever you want. Eat beans if you like, but why are you wanting/needing others to agree with you?
    I think you're missing the point. Starches can be a very important tool for fat loss and metabolic manipulation. You shouldn't completely cut them out of your diet. We're trying to figure out exactly which starches are best to eat when we do indulge. If you read the Primal Blueprint, sweet potatoes get the thumbs up, but legumes and rice don't. Well, according to my body, legumes and white rice are better than sweet potatoes, so what do I do? Do I listen to my body like the Primal Blueprint recommends, or do I stick to what was written in print and may not apply 100% to everyone? I want to know why beans are worse than most fruit, because on paper, a serving of black beans is healthier for you than an apple or an orange.
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    Properly prepared legumes are probably safe to eat for people without gut damage. I'll be glad when the tide turns back again and people get over this fructose is toxic thing. A little fruit is good for you and you do need Vitamin C. You don't need high doses of Vitamin C. Over consumption of fructose is a bad thing, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Bananas are probably the worst fruit you can eat. do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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