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Thread: Other primal/ paleo sites?

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    Can anyone recommend me some primal/ paleo websites?

    Here's the ones I visit, and would recommend (not all are specific to primal):

    Carnivore Health

    Fitness Spotlight

    Protein Power

    Son of Grok

    Arthur Devany

    Primal body Primal mind


    Robb Wolf


    Second Opinion/ Barry Groves


    Beyond Vegetarianism

    Any recs?

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    Whole Health Source


    DrBG Animal Pharm

    Low Carb for You

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    Other ones I follow:

    Body By Science

    Entropy Production

    Inhuman Experiment

    Natural Messiah

    Seths Blog

    Heart Scan Blog

    The Paleo Diet

    Zeroing In On Health.

    You can see my entire list of "Primal Living" sites at

    Actually, one of the most useful things I've done is to create my own custom google search engine that searches a specified list of websites. This way, anytime I want to research a topic, I have an easy way to search all my Primal websites.


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