So, I have another journal floating around, but I'm abandoning it (for shame).

Was doing the primal/paleo thing quite successfully for a year'ish and then life happened, I started drinking and well, it all went to poo'. I also signed up for Tough Mudder in September and am currently in the worst shape I've been in in quite some time. Soooo, it's about time to fix that as September is not that far away, and I can't reliably climb across monkey bars.

Currently, I'm training for sevens rugby (ick) and starting up Brazilian jiu jitsu (ha! so uncoordinated). I'm aiming to start Wendler's again, but with baby weights (single tear).

First baby step goal: not to look like a fat, bastard when I fly down to Arizona to see a childhood friend for the first time in 7 or 8 years.