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Thread: Zucchini Ribbon Goulash

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    Zucchini Ribbon Goulash

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    I grew up with my mom's goulash in regular rotation at our house.....sort of a quick go to meal. Since being gluten free for over 6 years I haven't made it as we always used egg noodles and I just never thought about coming up with a substitute. I saw a post here awhile back about using zucchini ribbons for something, I had a 'why didn't I think of that' moment.

    Here is my mom's goulash recipe modified a bit, just thought i would share...its an easy one pan meal, almost like a hamburger helper substitute

    Primal Goulash

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    That looks wonderful Meadow!! Thanks for the clear video and instructions. I am thinking of adding
    some sausage to that too. This will be a definite meal for us soon. Thanks so much!!

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    We have a favorite version of goulash rather like your recipe. Another good noodle substitute is to beat a bunch of eggs (I usually to 4) with some cream, saute in butter in a good sized skillet, no turning. Cool, then cut into noodle portions.
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