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Thread: Nobody knows what i'd be without you...

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    Alright. Well. I've got a bit of an issue, nothing i can't work through, though. I am soo tired of chicken. I never really liked it to begin with. Seriously not liking it any better having eaten it pretty much every day the last week and a half. Yay for being broke. At least i have food, though. My baby bought me dinner last night, and let me get a 16oz steak, so i have steak for lunch and dinner today! =^_^= my baby treates me so well. i got up late this morning and didn't have time to make breakfast, so i grabbed a banana, and when i stopped to get gas, picked up two bags of cashews. I haven't eaten cashews since i was a little kid. I never liked them. I thought they tasted nasty. Now, they taste sweet to me. pretty good stuff. I get paid tomorrow, so i'm going to make time to stop at the local fruit stand and see what i can get there in means of fresh fruit/veggies and see if they can reccomend a good butcher. Even if i have to buy the meat and cut it into steaks myself, i don't care. so long as it's good meat and it's inexpensive enough. Are there any primal's in the southern indiana area who can reccomend a good butcher? or at least a good place to get decent meat? Anybody have any opinions on Rainbow Blossom? (natrual food store) And what is your all's opinion on the Fuze juice drinks?
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    It seems to me that you're doing well and it will only get easier with time. My wife and I both agree that nuts are a god-send. A handful of various seeds and nuts will stave off hunger for a while.

    We even smuggled our water bottles and some baggies of mixed nuts into the movie theatre last night and didn't even give a second thought to popcorn.

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    READ THE BOOK. it's not all about food, you need to execrcise too. All I have seen is a post on day 2 about a short bike ride. That's not going to cut it and you should know that. Don't go hog wild on the nuts, they are big on calories and almost all of them are high in Omega 6 fatty acids. Don't eat more than a SMALL handfull in a day. Drop the idea that fruit drinks are a good idea. Nothing but sugar, you don't need it. You appear addicted to sugar. Withdrawl sucks but you need to do it. Especially fructose. now, get out there and lift some heavy things, sprint once a week and move often at a moderate pace.

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