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Thread: Interesting (positive?) observation from my first few weeks of sprinting

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    Interesting (positive?) observation from my first few weeks of sprinting

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    Just did my 4th sprint session. 15 seconds, rest, 15, etc etc for about 12 minutes. Whew!

    I've of course no stranger to the "chronic cardio" ways of working out, plus plyo, weights, etc.

    However, I've noticed a very big difference in just a few sprint sessions. Feeling stronger and not so "sick" after just 2 or 3 intervals. My heart still races, but after only 2 or 3 sessions, I was less sore.
    not sure if this will continue, but just an interesting observation. I seem to be feeling similar "results" on LHT days.

    At this rate, I'll be doing 1/5 the effort of daily "P90x" style regimens, but am seeing faster results. Still keeping up the "strolling" on non-running days and eating about 70-80% primal.

    Don't "see" much weight loss yet- probably need some minor nutritional tweaking.

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    Good on you, I found it didn't take me longer to feel fitter and do the same distance in a shorter time just after a few sessions. It must also be due to the fact I feel lighter as well. I love sprinting early in the morning when it's still a little dark and cold Wakes me up.

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    Awesome! I've noticed sprints/tabatas have helped me so much so fast. I now walk up a flight of stairs totally unwinded, just everyday things are easier. Never had this experience w chronic cardio.

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    When you say "sprint" you mean it literally, ie you run? Clearly, with a focussed workout like this you will improve cardio-vascular fitness very quickly, especially given that 12min / 6 min net sprint (?) is extremely long - Tabata protocol is 8x20s = 2:40min net sprint.

    P90X is different though - this is a full-body conditioning workout, including strength, agility, coordination etc, so the comparison is not quite fair

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