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    An interesting article on Epigenetics by Barry Groves, author of "Trick and Treat" :

    The science of epigenetics points to another factor which has such profound implications for the health of all of &#39;civilised&#39; Mankind. If we continue to bow to &#39;politically correct&#39; nutrition and disregard the increasing evidence of harm, that harm may not be just to our health, but to the health of our children and their children. This could be catastrophic for our species.</blockquote>

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    Bruce Lipton talks about that as well in his book The Biology of Belief. It&#39;s interesting. As an anecdote, my mom&#39;s cousin has T2 diabetes, so does her daughter & her grandson was diagnosed with T1 diabetes when he was 7 or 8, just a few years ago. Scary.

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