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Thread: There MUST be a Six Pack Under There Somewhere: primaLeaf's Journal

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    For consistency: dinner yesterday was ground venison and veggies.

    @twinwolf - I have dabbled in IF but not skipped more than one meal as of yet. Interested in trying it out at some point in the near future, though.
    @naiadknight - I definitely think it was the sweet craving for me as well in the beginning, but now I'm starting to think maybe I just need something to do with my mouth [insert inappropriate suggestion here]. Crunching on some mixed nuts ( I KNOW, this is getting awful) seems to have done the trick this evening. Not my usual cup of tea, but fluidity is all the rage right now

    So I started a fitday tracker because I was curious about my macronutrient ratios. Today comes to a total of 2047 calories. It seems high to me, but I'm not going to make any attempts at bringing it down until I've had some more time to observe the number trends. Also, I don't ever feel like I've eaten too much, just satisfied, so I'd hesitate to move into a program that left me feeling hungry all the time. Had enough of that with CW.

    Breakdown looks like this:

    52% fat @ 116.9g
    39% protein @ 183.3g
    9% carbs @ 48.4g

    Definitely hit ketosis today as evidenced by acetone pee.

    In other sexy news, forehead sunburn is peeling. And it's reached my hairline, in order to make me look as unseemly as possible, I suppose.
    Don't worry though, Gf assures me that she loves me, "Even though [I'm] gross."

    That's it for tonight. If anyone wiser than I regarding ratios and number totals (and that should be just about everyone on here) has any insight to offer about my numbers, it is quite welcome!

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    Right. Exercise.
    Stationary bike sprints.
    1:30 steady pace, 30sec sprint x 5.
    Found a great program called autopilot that increases resistance as RPMs increase, preventing me from looking like a flailing idiot during the sprint section.

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    As you say, dig in and eat whatever you want when hungry. I still have to remind myself to do this at times. No, I tell myself, you are trying to lose weight. Then I say, Yes, you are trying to lose weight, so go eat something. Something fat and loaded with calories. So far, it is working.

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    Essential movements:

    Round 1
    20 push ups
    50 air squats
    1.5 min hand plank, 30 sec. each side
    15 overhead presses
    10 chair-assisted pull ups

    I wasn't particularly pleased with my form in some cases, so I brought it down a notch for round 2

    10 push ups, 10 knee push ups, actually to 90 degrees
    10 chair assisted pull ups, emphasis on dead hang
    10 overhead presses, the kind with feet on the ground, I don't remember their proper name
    50 air squats, knuckles to the ground
    1 min hand plank, 30 sec. each side

    Throw in an assortment of chin ups, starting from a standing position (as opposed to dead hang)

    Apologies for not being particularly clever or entertaining today, taking another crack at a baby fast (eggs, bacon, coffee at 830, water since) and it would seem that the "witty musings" compartment in my brain hasn't learned to function on ketones yet. Not too much rumbling from the stomach, though.

    Leaving work in 5. Gonna break the fast with coconut milk & whey shake, keep it at that until dinner which looks to be lamb, artichoke and butternut squash.

    Might update when can brain.

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    I think your ratios look fine. I think you should perhaps dabble in IF but shouldn't go overboard when just starting out as it can and often does lead to the dreaded binges.

    As far as something after dinner goes, I am with ya all the way girlfriend! Sadly my choice in this order is: red wine or coffee. I have been meaning to try a NorCal margarita instead but haven't gotten the ingredients yet. I do believe it has just 2-4 ingredients so that should explain the sadness of my ability to plan my way out of a paper sack.

    Sweets: I generally am a salt head but on occasion do have a tendency to want something sweet. In that case I whip up batty's Blueberry balls (I often try other stuff than blueberries, some major fails included)

    or: I freeze scoops of almond butter (sometimes mix dark cacao in or something coco)

    I always have on hand: coco oil mixed with some cocoa, a drop of vanilla and a tad of stevia. Freeze it and break it into little pieces. I swear that eating a piece of this a few times a day is pure therapy. I swear it also helps melt fat somehow.

    My creativity in the kitchen often means disaster ....or a fire.

    This weekend I will be experimenting making my own popsicles. Mostly coco milk based. Still looking for a decent coco water that is not loaded with sugar and other stuff I can't pronounce.

    I'm also still begging (8 weeks now) Trader Joe's to carry coco oil because I procrastinate on that too. Moving to a different state has its challenges and most of them turn out to be pure inconvenience. TJ's manager tells me they get that request all the time. Major head scratch! Then stock anyone home?

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    Moo, are you related to Ms. Cleo?? How did you know I was going to eat everything in the kitchen after dinner?? You should start a phone hotline. Or maybe a primal candy store because those recipes sound delicious!

    So last night's dinner was awesome. Yellow squash, brussel sprout tomato medley, aritchoke and lamb leg steak. I actually think the eating everything in the kitchen (2.5 scoops of almond butter, coconut milk and protein) had more to do with determining via fitday that I hadn't eaten enough protein than actual feelings of hunger. So, since part of my primal mission is to stop over analyzing my food consumption, I am promptly abandoning the fitday project for the foreseeable future. And for insurance I'll probably go back to only morning or late evening fasts, if at all.

    Another mistake I made was disregarding the potential effect of caffeine at night and drinking the lone packet of Lady Grey tea in the cupboard. On the bright side - it was educational. I determined that I don't like Lady Grey. Too much orange flavor for me. Turns out that caffeine before bed actually IS a bad idea though, because it seems like I woke up every half hour last night.

    This morning I was still fairly full from PROTEINPOWERHOUR last night so I just had the standard iced coffee. In another primal derailment I later consumed tamales, which is pretty much just a pile of lard and corn. A delicious pile. What can I say? I can resist free food, but I cannot resist free, homemade, Mexican food. Between those and last night's lack of sound sleep I'm pretty much in a coma as I write this. Psychologically I feel pretty good though. Abandoning fitday has reminded me that my point was to try and learn to relax and listen to when and what my body is asking for, not what the numbers say it SHOULD be asking for. TRUST THE HUNGER.

    On a much cheerier and far more primal note, GF and I hit up the local farmers market for groceries this morning. I'm very interested to see if the $100 worth of fare we picked up will last us the week. Highlights include:
    grass-fed lamb loin, beef tenderloin and beef rib steaks
    cage-free eggs, including a half dozen of the interesting multi-colored americana ones
    local, wild-caught trout
    a fruit that starts with a p and is related to nectarines

    With summer coming, fruit definitely seems to be the emphasis, particularly cherries, but there was still a good selection of veggies.

    Other things:

    Definitely feeling some welcome soreness from yesterday's work out. Makes me believe that perhaps the extra protein from yesterday went to good use.

    I'm so dry! Fortunately it appears that my scalp has finished peeling from last week's sunburn, but the rest of me is just bone dry. The weird part about it is that I quit soap three days ago! I shampooed today because I couldn't handle the grease anymore, but I haven't used any body wash (except in minimal select locations) since Tuesday. If anything, I seem dryer than usual? I've never noticed scaly elbows before, but I definitely have them today. Suspected reasons are: On Tues. I used Dr. Brommer's which I though would be mild, but seemed to be extremely drying, OR that I just haven't been using lotion like I usually do. I don't even shower in very hot water because I'm a sensitive wuss, so I know that isn't it. In any event, I'm going to continue to lay off the body wash and wait for my skin to reach a natural equilibrium. I hope.

    If I can convince Gf to put on some pants, I'm gonna try to drag her out to move frequently at a slow pace.

    Tomorrow, below average temps. be damned, we are going to Raging Waters! Play AND Get Some Sun! You'd better believe that I am gonna be rockin the SPF all the way into my hairline this time though. Peeling scalp just isn't cute.

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    Raging Waters!
    Slides were fun (but kind of brutal? I don't remember that pain from childhood). GF and friend were great. Sun was lovely, and would have been perfect if not for having to compete with the gusty wind.

    Other than that, the experience was a showcase of the effects of the SAD on our communities.
    I would confidently estimate that 90% of the patrons were overweight, and that includes children.
    Food options included things like, burgers, pizza, nachos, churros, and dippin dots, which are not even real ice cream, much less real food. That was it. I didn't even see a semi-healthy prospect like the ever-popular fruit cup, and the closest thing to not-death was called "Cowabunga Chicken."
    The staircases that slidegoers are required to climb were literally coming apart at the seams. They have been sort of mickeymoused into submission, but come the busy season, I hope the park considers a complete overhaul.
    Many patrons were stopping on said stair landings to catch their breath.
    A pair of grown men asked a lifeguard to move the floating log of an obstacle course closer so they could reach it. UM, NO. THAT IS WHY IT'S AN OBSTACLE COURSE.
    Also, the weight limit for paired-rider slides is 400 pounds. Many couples walking around the park far exceeded that.

    On the one hand, the park needs to beef up their attractions to accommodate the ever-burgeoning population.

    On the other hand, stop feeding the ever-burgeoning population crap!

    For the sake of safety and my season pass, I hope they address the former first, but really, Raging Waters, not even a fruit cup?

    For our part, we skipped the food at the park and hit In N Out on the way home.
    I got a respectably primal double double, protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce instead), with grilled onions and sanz sugar-infused condiments. Tasty.

    Breakfast was eggs with chorizo from the farmers' market, spinach, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and never complete without COFFEE AND BACON.

    Looks like I avoided another sunburn (Yay!), but I should go wash off the chlorine before I start to look like a nuclear experiment.

    P.S. I had a much easier time walking barefoot on the prickly ground than my companions. Vibrams FTW!

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    I almost forgot the best part!
    This morning I put the swim shorts on that I wore to the river last summer and they were... kind of loose. It hadn't even occurred to me that I'm at least 15lbs lighter now than I was then. Even GF noticed, (which she almost never does) that the shorts were no longer stretched tight across my ass. Win.

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    Congrats!! That's a great feeling, isn't it?
    "If a man has common sense, he has all the sense there is."

    My Journal -

    Starting weight prePB - 258 lbs on 5/6/11

    244.2 lbs on 6/3/11 (28 days in!)

    240 lbs on 7/1/11 (59 days in!)

    234.2 on 7/15/11 (73 days in!)

    228.2 on 8/12/11 (101 days in!)

    224 on 8/28/11 (117 days in!)

    220.6 on 9/14/11 (134 days in!)

    Goal weight PB - 205 lbs

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    So I ate cereal for breakfast this morning. The blender parts haven't arrived yet and I couldn't eat another egg. And GF was refusing to finish the box because it didn't "have enough for a full serving."
    I know, I know, bring out the fire pokers and string me up over an ignited bale of hay. I'm already retaining an extra two pounds of water so maybe I'll even burn slower.
    I'm recording it mostly because I am in sort of an off mood. I don't know whether it's from the golean or the fact that I've been sorting someone elses tax receipts all day, but the correlation may prove useful in a later analysis.

    I also think it's worthwhile to mention that when I initially dropped four pounds on PB, I was still eating cereal or oatmeal for breakfast on a regular basis, but NO grains after 12pm. Since cutting the grains completely, my weight has definitely plateaued.

    What I'm thinking is not that I want to reintroduce grains. The improvements in my mood, skin, confidence in my diet, and almost complete absence of digestive issues since cutting grains makes me certain that I don't need them in my life. What I AM thinking, is that I may want to up the veggies and fruit relative to the fat for a while and see how that works.

    I feel like I'm sort of all over the place at this point. I know dietary changes need time to work, but I think what I'm doing is more trying to intuitively find my sweet spot, which I suspect might be closer to the 100g carb range than the 50g I've been hanging around. Maybe.

    Incidentally, I know I've been emphasizing all of the slips lately, but I don't want to seem like I've leapt off the wagon and starting dancing naked in the woods in anti-primal rituals. I'm definitely still at at least 80%, just trying to use that 20 to figure out what's ideal for me. Reading other journals has helped me realize that even with primal, there's no one-size-fits-all approach.

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