So I'm skeptical that anyone would want to delve too deeply into someone else's primal journal, but since I've been known to troll around other people's pages in an undoubtedly creepy fashion, I'll start with an introduction, for my fellow creeps.

My name is Amanda, I'm 22, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work part-time as a legal assistant and part-time as a dental assistant while I wait to start law school in the Fall. I'm starting this journal because most times that I've embarked on some sort of fitness revival journey or lifestyle change, I've been prone to some serious amnesia, regarding both successes and failures, and I think it will be beneficial to have a record of my process.

Generally, I'm not in bad shape. I played softball in high school and college and walked around a lot. Thanks to a childhood fraught with exercise-induced asthma (why don't they just call it, "people-are-going-to-assume-you're-lazy-and-not-believe-anything-is-wrong-with-you-induced asthma"? too long?) I never particularly enjoyed cardio and I always especially hated running. Nonetheless, I have usually managed to stay in the upper recommended limits for ideal body weight. At just under 5'9, my highest weight has probably been about 175, and I've generally run closer to 165. Everyone in my immediate family is overweight. I assume that being active as a kid prevented any serious weight gain, but my diet has ranged between what I would designate as "McDonalds-SAD" and "CW-SAD," with a trend toward the latter in my college years.

After college, in the Summer of 2010, my girlfriend of one and a half years and I moved in together. Probably you haven't noticed, but in my experience, by the age of fifty lesbians are either extremely overweight or unusually buff, of the tan, volleyball-tournament-attending variety. I don't really have any interest in volleyball, but I've always known that if it became a choice between the two, I would do everything I could to pursue the latter. With this moderately offensive generalization in mind, I started to become increasingly dissatisfied with the "happy relationship weight" that had mysteriously appeared, (daily ice cream habit = not so mysterious) so gf and I started a competition. First to lose 10 lbs. wins a prize of their choosing. (I lost, and I still haven't replaced her bumper, but I mean WHO selects bumper repair as a prize?) Just after Christmas I cut some of the sugary crap out of our diet and started cooking at home more. I was extremely well-versed in CW. I had aced my physical science class on diet and exercise in college, and I was ready to implement my expertise. We had soy milk, brown rice instead of white, lean meat, and the obligatory dinner vegetables.

After the first week I dropped from 170.6 to 165. Piece of cake. (Piece of bland, overcooked, boneless, skinless, chicken breast actually) I was encouraged by my results, so I went down to Costco and bought us 24-hour-fitness memberships. I knew I would never be a cardio queen, but I wanted to conquer my aversion to running and I obviously needed to burn more calories than I consumed! I am pleased to report that for the first time in my life, I am able to run a mile without stopping to walk, lazy-man's asthma be damned! Other than that though, I'm not sure I accomplished much. Between January and April I went to the gym religiously on my lunch break to do 30-45 minutes of calorie-blasting cardio! The weight continued to come off but not like it had in the beginning. I went down to 164, stayed there for a couple of weeks, cut more calories, implemented weight training, went down to 162, ate more calories, went back to 164, etc. I was killing myself, Gf was eating cupcakes at work, and she beat me to 10 lbs. by a week. (Genetic freak, am I right?)

I made it to 10 lbs. lost in mid-March and soldiered on, determined to look awesome by the wedding I was attending in April. I was down to 156 at the wedding, up to 157 the week after the wedding. It was unsustainable. I had never been a girl concerned with numbers but somehow I had become a calorie-counting daily weigher, and I wasn't even making consistent progress unless I was running a serious deficit. Summer was looming though, so I kept at it. I hit the internet in search of inspiration. Most of the sites I found were full of athletes in bikinis or celebrities wearing $500 dollar yoga pants. On May 1st, I googled "best fitness blogs," discovered the "Success Stories" section of MDA, and the rest, as they say, is Primal history, which I will write about in my next post!