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Thread: Trying to drop those last couple %

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    Question Trying to drop those last couple %

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    Hey this is my first post, so bear with me please. I've been following Mark for awhile and love his ideas. I've been eating primally for awhile since I read an article by Gary Taubes back in readers digest. I try to eat the way the primal blueprtint lays down, however, I still live with my folks and sometimes it can be an issue to follow the routine. I fast when I can and I exercise at least twice a week, maybe not as hard as I would like to (I get through most WOW's or a modified routine with no real trouble). I sprint maybe once in 10 days.

    Sorry about the lengthy history, just want to paint an accurate picture. I just did my BMC (body mass composition) at work (lovely perk to working in a Dr. 's office). Anyway, I'm at 14.3 % up from somewhere in the 12.7-13.5% range several weeks ago. I want to hit the single digits or closer to 10% anyhow. I'm not gaining a heck of a lot of muscle like the other success stories either.

    I'm just looking for some advise/feedback if anyone has anything useful. Thank you so much in advance as this community has been phenomenal on the whole.

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    You didn't give us a whole lot to work with. I assume you are an 18 year old female, skinny, and trying to gain muscle--not fat. Eat right and exercise is about the best advice I can give. Don't stress, don't obsess, gaining muscle is a lot different for girls than guys, I hear so read through all the posts that pertain to you...and good luck!

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    Agreed, without more facts it's difficult to tell. Do you lift weights? Muscle doesn't magically appear on your body, you need the process of tearing the fibers (lifting heavy things) and building of new ones (recovery). Protein facilitates that process, it doesn't substitute the work though

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