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Thread: Where in North America is the best vacation spot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimchiNinja View Post
    The problem with vacation in North America is that it's just so cut off from the rest of the world. Nowhere to go in North America but North America!
    Well...there's South America
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    Here in Merica, we got it all. So tell me what are you looking for?

    FL - Merica's Penis
    CA - Merica's Hippie Soon to be Poor Cousin
    Ohio - Merica's wierdo meth uncle
    Zona- Merica's friendly and violent neighbor to the south who is still part of Merica

    So I would recommend your first stop be Flint

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    The north shores of both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior are beautiful...some of my favorite places to be.

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    I live in Arizona ... whose official motto is "The Grand Canyon state".

    For all you paleo fitness fanatics -- a supreme adventure and achievement is "hiking the canyon". There are two main trails on the South rim of the canyon. The trail most people go down is about a 8 mile descent and the trail most people use to hike up the canyon is about 9 miles. The best part of hiking the canyon is staying overnight at the bottom of the canyon -- at Phantom Ranch. You meet people from all over the world who hike the canyon and need to make reservations for Phantom Ranch over a year ahead of time. IT'S A MUST-DO ADVENTURE!
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    Ok, I need to chime in..
    Being Canadian, I have to say some special places are Calgary, home of the Calgary Stampede in July
    BC, anywhere from Vancouver Island to Kelowna, or more south into Fernie/Cranbrook and west...beautiful
    I do love where I live, I have the Rocky Mountains as my back yard, awesome country!
    But places I have visited I think are wonderful as well
    Maui, Montana, awesome hot springs!, Washington state, San Francisco the people are so friendly, Palm Springs area, great weather and great Mexican food (not that I eat that now

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    My hometown of Duluth MN is about the prettiest city in the summer time. We have the best fresh water beaches both sandy and rocky. Minutes from massive woods, hiking/biking trails, boundary waters canoe area, the North Shore. All very beautiful stuff.

    Aside from that, Madelin Island, WI is another favorite of mine, great for camping and again the best fresh water sand beach in the US. Portland, OR is an absolutely unbeatable city for food, nightlife and outdoors. Key West and the other Keys are amazing for tropical weather and laid back attitude.

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    Wow. The U.S. is such a big country with just about every climate, and every type of living area - rural to urban, that's it's tough to pin down just a few.

    For partying and clubbing: NYC, Seattle, Portland, OR, and South Beach.
    A little funky, but still touristy and/or interesting: Key West.
    Gotta absolutely see one of our theme parks? Then depending on where you go: Disney World in FL or Disney Land in CA.
    Everyone's raving about: Austin, TX
    Eating your way across the country? NYC, Portland, OR, Los Angeles, are the biggies, but don't ignore Denver, Boston, Charlotte, NC, and South Beach.
    Pure beauty: Both coasts, the Arizona and NM deserts, a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, the rain forests in the Great North West.
    Offbeat weird stuff: google "Roadside Attractions in the U.S."
    The WigWam Motel on Rt. 66 in AZ.
    An airboat ride in the FL Everglades or in a Louisiana Swamp.
    Gatorland - also in FL
    If you like museums and/or history: Washington, DC where a lot is free because it's federally funded. NYC also for museums, art galleries, and shows (but not a lot free).
    Party 'til you puke, tons of music, lots of historic things, great cemeteries, and some pretty good food: New Orleans.

    It's such a big country that it's hard to land anywhere and not find something interesting, beautiful, inspiring, or delicious.
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    Having spent some time in your fair country I think you should be prepared for the fact there are vasts stretches of the US that are decidedly far from picturesque. The distances are great and you will have to spend some time driving through boring stretches of highway and endless miles of bland suburbia. Recently hubby picked up a hitchhiker from Germany and he remarked on how beautiful the natural landscape was and then pointed to the miles of strip malls and said then there are ugly things like that.

    Norway is stunning, so with that in mind I would suggest you visit the Southwest, it's radically different from Norway. I'm fond of southern Utah. You may also like to visit some beaches where you can swim, Northern California is too cold for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljphalen View Post
    Well...there's South America
    Yeah but South America is actually a really long plane ride, it's actually almost easier to just goto Asia or Europe!

    My favorite spot while living in Seattle was heading up to Vancouver BC. Eating capital of North America!

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