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Thread: This isn't a recipe

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    This isn't a recipe

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    But does anyone else get a bit depressed when they read an awesome recipe but can't make it yet because they're already stuffed, or don't have the ingredients in the house? And then you think, man I hope I can make that in four days (because there are so many other things to try in the meantime).

    It happens to me everytime I use the internet.

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    This happens to me all the time. I get a bit overwhelmed finding all these recipes and not enough time to make them. I try to plan out when I'm going to make something and it doesn't pan out a lot of the time. I will be making the Cheesy Biscuits recipe that was posted earlier ASAP. Some things are just too good to wait.

    I have a ton of recipes bookmarked.

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    I have about a million bookmarked recipes. I try to do one of them a week, but I don't think I'll ever catch up though! lol
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    If I made all the recipes I wanted to try, I'd be putting on multiple pounds a week rather than losing them. I'm a foodie at heart and the kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house. If I made all the recipes I've bookmarked without repeating any or adding new ones, it'll take me about two years to finish. Love new recipes!

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    One of the worst things is when a recipe looks great, makes you drool, but then costs a ton of cash and isn't all that great! I hate when that happens.

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    That's why I keep my recipe journal in my kitchen. I write it down, and then try it, eventually.

    Last night started pemmican, and made a coconut fluff recipe that I liken to crack... just gotta give them their due and play.
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