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Thread: My rant to end all rants...

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    My rant to end all rants...

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    I'm starting a new thread here. Some of you have been following my 30 day trial of the paleo diet. I fell sway to the vegan gurus for many, many years. You can access my trial here:

    Paleo Diet Experiment: A Former Vegan Gives It A Try for 30 Days

    And as for my rant, here you go:

    Paleo Diet Trial Day 6: A Former Vegan Gives It A Try for 30 Days

    I encourage you to share this with any young person you know who is considering veganism, or any adult vegan of your acquaintance who is open-minded enough to hear the truth.

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    laughing my ass off. thanks!
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    That's a great post! I've been following your struggle and one of the very first things I did was google this 30 bananas people. I cracked up because even Time Magazine ran an article about bananas being a manufactured food. They are picked green, shipped to huge warehouses to ripen, to be shipped to your market. Your carbon footprint from bananas is huge. And here we are, buying local grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and farmer's market greens! WTH?? So eating food that is DEFINITELY not local...whatever...there are many things wrong with "those people". I'm so glad you're doing well.
    I feel really pissed as well. Eliminating grains has made all my arthritic pain go away and I'm pissed that no one in the medical community ever, ever mentioned it.
    Keep going and keep posting!!!

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