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Thread: Female dilemma - getting stronger, and bigger

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    Dilemma?!??! What are you talking about? Strong is SUPER sexy.

    Like this:

    (Work safe - just barely)

    Muscular, but still feminine. (IMHO)

    Just don't go beyond that. That's about the limit.

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    It does make for an interesting problem that requires a solution. Many of us are striving to reach these goals. Now we have some that are there and trying to find the balance required in maintenance. Personally I'd rather look like Le Corre than the Governator.

    Basic thoughts are don't change your healthy primal diet.

    You beleive you have now achieved the muscle mass required to maintain a healthy and happy life.

    What you need to do adjust your exercise enough to maintain the status quo. That will require that you develop a range based on using measurements, weight etc. As you approach the lower end you increase the program to keep you in the range and reducing as you reach the top so you don't exceed. Reduce the high intensity and increase the walking, swimming, dancing, judo, tennis, etc. Find an activity that you love and will channel the energy to keep you feeling good.

    High intensity results probably can be achieved by keeping the same weight and time under load. I'll bet once every 14- 21 days will cover it. This should help maintain the muscle mass.

    I really hope you give us your feed back. This is a serious issue and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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