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Thread: clearing the fog

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    clearing the fog

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    Despite my bread and sweets loving in-laws being in town for a visit...
    I finished day 2 without sugar (I deserve an Oscar for pretending to eat the bite of chocolate my son was forcing on my mouth), and day 2 without grains. Starting to get that clear-headed feeling I love when I eat less carbs.

    And now to mark the start of this project: off to change my hair color! In primal days I guess I would be marking a special occasion such as this with a burn from an ember of the fire or whatnot, but I'm going for a totally 2011 deal.
    f/39, start date baby steps primal May 17, 2011
    start weight: 215, goal: lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday (end of Nov)

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    Nothing like a new hair color.

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