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Thread: Is Play really a vital component to achieving Grok-like health and fitness?

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    I consider hiking and yoga as my "play".

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    I started hula hooping at age 24 at 250 pounds. I never thought I could hula hoop, but then my friend made me a hoop out of 1 inch tubing, that was big enough (for beginners it should hit somewhere between waist and shoulders, the taller it is the easier it is) and I realized it was easy to do. I spent three month hooping, gradually shortening my hoop, until I have actually a pretty small hoop now, I can't do any tricks on it or anything because it's so small, but boy does it burn calories! whew!

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    I coach my daughter's U6 team, so instead of just watching from the sidelines, I am involved. I have been doing this for a couple years now, between both my son and daughter. How better to go play than coaching a bunch of kids trying to play soccer, or some other sport? They keep me on my toes and give me me tons of laughs. Community leagues are always needing volunteers in local sports. You don't have to be super physically fit, just a bit knowledgeable of the sport. Yeah, the kids will run circles around you, but it will make you feel good helping out and before you know it, you will be better fit and joining in.

    Other things I do for play is I love to scuba dive, the fishies love to play! I also go biking or break out the Les Paul, put the headphones and rip some chords of a favorite song.

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