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    I'm interested in buying a pair (the Vibrams + NYC streets and subways cause me concern...). However, there are all different versions: v3, v5, v7. I guess they aren't into even numbers!

    Anyone have insight on which 'version' is the closest to barefoot?

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    I have the Nike Sparq's, which are a model in the free line. They're somewhere between vibrams (which I also have) and a normal shoe - a lot closer to a normal shoe than to the vibrams. I've been wearing my VFF's enough that I feel awkward doing things in the Sparq's.

    I live in NYC and wear my VFF's quite a bit. I don't generally have problems, but a lot of people find them quite amusing on the subway. What concerns do you have? I find that they're not that big of a deal. The more annoying thing is the nasty puddles that I don't quite feel good about stepping in, which generally wouldn't bother me with regular shoes.

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    IMO, something like the converse chuck's shoes would be closer to the VFF's than the nike shoes - they have no support, the sparq's at least still have the 'nike air' thing in them, just not any traditional support in the shoe for the foot.

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    I run in my Nike Frees and do everything else in my Vibram's. I used to run in my Vibrams, but came down on a random rock, pinched a nerve in my foot and was unable to run (or walk) for about a week. Any version is fine, if you go to Nike website, you can actually create your own pair.

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