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Thread: Primal Journal - sarah1990

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    Wink Primal Journal - sarah1990

    So I've realised that I probably need to write down what I'm eating. It seems to work for me when I'm losing weight to keep track of what has passed my lips as otherwise I find that I kid myself about what I've had.

    It is currently 00:15 right now so won't be doing any posts regarding my days till later on as right now all I want to do is sleep!

    I figure I'll throw in my experiences with PB and CrossFit in here, and as I like to take photos of my food (my Twitter followers put up with it a lot) there'll probably be some visuals to aid my posts.

    Start weight: 172lbs
    Current weight: 167lbs
    Target weight: 150lbs
    Height: 5'10"
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