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Thread: Carb binginq!

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    Carb binginq!

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    Hello everyone. Well, I cannot seem to stay on the paleo/primal lifestyle. I was strict for about 3 weeks, lost about 20 pounds. I have now put about 12 back on because I seem to crave carbs constantly. I am not even hungry and will eat something sweet.

    Any ideas on what will help. The first three weeks, I ate high fat, high protein and veggies. My breakfasts would usually consist of 4-5 slices of bacon and three fried eggs. I quit doing that because I wanted to get real lean. I have about 40 more pounds to lose. I am not sure why I keep binge eating like this. I try to get back on paleo/primal but by the end of the day I give in. Help!

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    I think the point of PB is that people *do* get really lean eating bacon & eggs for breakfast! Maybe you should stick with it.

    What are you eating for breakfast instead? Sounds like it's triggering your carb cravings.

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    It took me almost 6 month to level out with no more carb cravings. I was addicted to sugar,pop (drank 4-6 liters of pepsi a day), bread..
    I don't think you gave it long enough. Your body must convert over from carb burning to fat burning, give it time and listen to your cravings and triggers.

    In the beginning every single time I had a craving I would eat, fat,protien and very few veggies & no fruit..
    I always had bacon and hard boiled eggs ,steak,cabbage and bacon,w/ alittle onion cooked & cream and butter, avocado,coconut.
    My husband was going crazy, I always ate.. If I had a craving I ate.

    But today I can say I can walk away from anything that is put in front of me that is not primal. No more cravings.

    If I eat to much fruit or almond butter or almond flour, I crave food all day,so I eat very little and usually save it for late night so I can go right to bed... listen to your body you can do it.

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    Nice advice here. I work nights 3-4 times per week and always wake up craving junk. I've given up on beating the late night cravings so having filling, primal food at the ready is good advice. Any more advice is always welcome.

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    The only thing that works is to remember that a craving is just a signal that is triggered by first a blood sugar spike, then rapid drop; so to break the cycle you need to eat primal foods that will not lead you into that cycle. Eating good food is the answer. If you are in fact eating nothing but meat & fats, low sugar fruits and veg, there is no reason for cravings except old habit of thought about food which you can dismiss in favor of the superior way of eating. Eating carby SAD is a no-win situation. So your options are either eat enough primal food to satisfy your hunger, and keep to that path. or be sucked into cravings which lead to binges. You have to learn your body's requirements, none of which come from the normal SAD, and as you accept your height and shoe size, accept what your dietary requirements are now. I once ate what I wanted with no concern, but time, illness, other factors changed that, and for a long time I was caught up in thinking that I didn't have to make the changes, thought it was unfair, thought I would find some magic pill--all of which was childish and foolish, even though I am a highly educated person with success in my life that did not come from that kind of silly thinking. In short, I had to grow up about both the truth of our evolutionary dietary needs and what I had to do to get healthy, lean, in charge of me. You will choose one or the other. Most chose to do what they already like and believe gives them more pleasure, or acceptance, or some other rational that makes no sense when considering one's health and well-being. But there it is. I hope you can do what you need to to get healthy and fit.
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    Keep a hard bolied agg or small amount of almonds handy for the cravings.
    A friend of mine gave me a mantra that helped me lose 60 pounds ( and that was pre primal) "Being healthy feels better than this food will taste".
    it does!
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    Don't keep carby crap in the house. Train your brain that "That is not food" for various values of "that". Initially, your old high-carb friends must be dead to you; otherwise you will never get over your addiction.

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    I agree that one of the fundamental understandings of how carbs function is to overcompensate for low blood sugar. Realizing that you can't just eat a piece of bread and be satiated is important. Carb binges fuel themselves into a vicious cycle. Stop to think and eat with your brain rather than your stomach sometimes - I had to learn how to do this myself, and I know it isn't fun. I also know how incredibly satisfying it feels to chomp into a meatball sub (hero, hoagie whatever) but every time you sit down to eat, you make a choice. Push through it, 3 weeks is a short amount of time to give your body to adjust to new eating habits, and if you can conquer your cravings now, it will get so much easier.
    You lost a net of 8lbs, that's still a loss. Before you gain back the full 20, eat a damn bacon and egg breakfast and come back to nature

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    Hey don't worry. Take everyone's advice up here- go back to the eggs+bacon breakfast, maybe count your macros for a day. I'm in the same place as you except I only lost 2 lbs before I took the carb plunge. I assumed I'd kicked my sugar addiction and dipped my foot back in the swamp of SAD/sugar/wheat and fell in

    I'm pickin myself back up. You can too! And 8 lbs is no small feat, be proud.

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    You lost 20 pounds in three weeks (!) eating eggs and bacon ... and then thought you needed to eat lean to lose weight? That's your problem right there. You quit what was working for you and tried to turn a primal diet into a conventional weight loss diet. People who eat conventional weight loss diets usually have huge issues with hunger and bingeing.
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