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    I live in Wisconsin and we get less and less sunshine come October. It gets called so whatever time you're able to spend outside you're completely covered in clothes.

    I just bought some 5,000UI little pills that are oil-based and that look like midget fish oil pills. They go down very, very easy but I still have to fill the effects on my general mood.

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    mrd232 - Are those the solar D gems you're taking from carlson? I know the solar gems are chewable (it's a little weird at first but now I love it). Maybe read your bottle and see if yours are also chewable. It'll probably have a lemon flavor to it if it is.

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    I thought most fish oil is heavily processed & have the natural vitamins removed & synthetics usually replacing them?

    All I do know is to make sure it is D3 Heard this is processed from sheep wool - ? Wondering what that actual process is...I suppose the oils in the wool. Anyone know?

    I'm lucky to be in the southwest - even today, after a little snow, it clears up immediately & I can sit outside on my lunch break & get at least 15 minutes in.

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    We're partial to high-vitamin Fermented Cod Liver oil as a natural & very decent (non-sun) source of Vitamin D. We're taking more it it during the winter months. We buy the Blue Ice version from Dr.Ron's. The Western A Price Foundation has more on Vitmain D & cod liver oil (specifically) if you're interested.

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    I use those fish oils too. Someone was mentioning little D tablets that also have fish oil..wondering how those are processed. Also, it's a little confusing about the antagonistic qualities of A on D. I'm assuming there is a natural synergy or reason - if you were a hunter/gatherer outdoors most of the time & also eating plenty of high VitA foods, like organ meats perhaps the action of A on D keeps toxicity down? Pure speculation. My point being is that some folks (I think on this forum?) mentioned they had low VitD despite taking a good cod liver oil. Read on 'high fat nutrition' blog the speculation that low VitD may be an indicator of underlying issue or disease, sort of like cholersterol isn't a culprit in & of itself but can be indicative of some other issue (and cholesterol acts as a protectanct).

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    Yes, we take Dr. Rons fermented oil as well, it is the only one as to my knowledge that is still processing the clo w/out adding synthetic vitamins. I would not be taking any other CLO other than that, personally.

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