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    When you cook with red wine, does most of the alcohol burn off? I've heard conflicting answers to this question. I like to cook with red wine (casseroles with beef& veggies) and I don't want significant amounts of alcohol in my body. I would cook it in a lidded casserole dish for a couple of hours. Does it keep its health benefits this way?



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    I think some alcohol remains (around 5% of it) if you cook the casserole for around 2 and a half hours. But I could be wrong...

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    It depends on the temperature at which you're cooking. The longer and hotter you cook, the more alcohol gets burned off. I don't know the exact temp to do that, however I'm sure you could google it.

    I do know I have to warm wine at a relatively low temperature when mulling to keep the alcohol from burning off. I've accidentally gone over when not paying attention. It can be sort of delicate at times.

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    States most of the alcohol is burned off, If you cook at above 78C it should burn off, lower than that I am not sure.

    Also not sure if the fact its sealed with a lid would allow it to condense and return to the dish...

    Just realised that isn't a huge help... Sorry!


    on benefits of Red wine after cooking, however, he also states you should use less fat in all cooking...

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