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    Easy Snack

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    This snack requires now cooking. I just recent;y found the unsweetened baking chocolate circles at trader joes. For those of you with a chocolate addiction, like me, this is perfect. It essentially a 100% chocolate bar in a little snack sized form. And the great thing is that it's only $2, where, recently, I've been spending several dollars per bar and overdoing it on a chocolate bar with sugar, albeit a small amount, in it. I'm sure they'd be really good melted over fruit or mixed with some toasted coconut or in yogurt (if you do dairy). Just though I'd share.

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    I saw those in TJ's last time i was there. I will definately try them now! I didnt realize they were 100% chocolate. mmm melted over toasted coconut, that sounds deeeeeee-lish!

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    they are really good! VERY STRONG, but they get the chocolate kick to your mouth and tummy!
    Some quick and easy snacks I love include sliced jicama with chili powder sprinkled on top! so yummy and crunchy! Very refreshing!
    And another is tuna mixed with half and avocado. I always add a lil red pepper or fresh ground black pepper.
    If you want sweet or chocolaty, a sliced apple with some almond butter mixed with a bit of 100% cocoa powder (more chocolateyness, yum)
    And probably the best snack I've made are cold beef slices wrapped around avocado, spinach and red onion! o man, beefy heaven
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    It is possible? United States is called the "chemistry" country, because every athletes can find different kinds of protein, amino and other good for body compounds. Do you know, where I can find this chocolate in Europe?


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