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Thread: How is PB different for women?

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    Quote Originally Posted by belinda View Post
    I don't even think they can generalize and say that this is how PB will be for women. I stepped into this without looking back and am losing a little amount each week - slow and steady. I'm 48 and peri-menopausal but I had no underlying health issues when I began, other than those that rapidly disappeared by cutting grain out of my diet.

    The OP is much younger, has never had children, and has different goals than I do (she also seems to have commitment issues - sorry Tanya!).

    There are women on here who are dealing with a whole host of hormonal and other health issues. Nothing is going to work for everbody.

    I am also 48 and I don't have any trouble dropping fat when I am 99% and don't overeat (meaning I eat only when truly hungry and stop before being over-full.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thyme View Post
    And...if I'm not stepping into might help some of the women who try PB but give up before making the full adaptation...I wonder if women and men react differently to that adaptation process.
    When I joined back in September. I full into this. I only ate meat, veggies, and eggs. I lost about 20 lbs in a matter of months. However, I was on this very forum, and still reasearching trying to keep in the game, loving how I was feeling. And around November, I saw a post giving advice to newbies. I saw some of the senior members state how this is not a religion, so don't take this too seriously. And in all honesty, I took it very much to heart, and really backed off. I have gained all my weight back. Grrr.... I know I did not consider this a religion, but I guess I thought of myself as obsessing? Well any who, here I am still trying to even get to 80/20. I am IFing quite well, where I'm eating with a 6 hour eating window. However, I'm still struggling to go back to fully Primal. I hate it, and I hate that I take that statement to heart. I think I would rather obsess the way I was, and be happy.. but I listened to people who have done this for awhile and fell off the wagon. Any suggestions on how to get back on?

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