Captains Log
Initial entry
Having successfully removed 149 pounds from my 5"11' body using HCG over an 11 month period i move to the phase of holding my current weight.

I found back in august that green food was not good for me, Chlorophyll Producers seem to harm my progress. I stopped eating the vast majority of them but didnt feel that was wise as CW knows that we are basically vegans who are bloodthirsty.

Fast forward to today and i have read teh primal blueprint and just as the protocol pounds and Inches did this makes too much sense to me.

I made this descision a while back and today i declare it publicly

I am done doubting my intelligence, wisdom and general all around awesomeness - DAMMIT.

If it makes sense to me i am going to do it and CW be damned. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and i wont let anyone else determine my value or future.

Success of the day.
Got into the office at 7:50. moved the chair tothe side of the desk and have not sat down yet 5 hours later. took 11 days to get to this point where i am strong enough to stand for 5 hours rather than take a break.

I love my cube as it is tall enough to do squats in as a turn pages i read and no one can see me do them. It is also empty enough ( i was not happy about that day one) that i can walk in circles all day when i review grant documents.

Talk about adaptation LOL

Go gettem badger