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Thread: Cold/creamy food recipes?

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    I miss the texture of cold and creamy foods like milk with cereal, ice cream, yogurt and cottage cheese and such.

    Anyone have any good summer soup recipes that might satisfy this texture craving?


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    Last month I ate at a raw-food vegan restaurant, and had an incredible chocolate cream pie for dessert. I asked the server how the heck they made it taste so creamy without any dairy product, and she told me that the main ingredient was avocado! It was very, very dark chocolate in order to disguise the color and the taste of the avocado. It obviously worked, since I had no clue it had avocado in it.

    Couldn't wangle the recipe out of them, but I believe the sweetener was agave syrup, because that was a listed ingredient in some of the other offerings. Also know that no cooking was involved, because it's a raw food restaurant. Also, the crust was mainly crushed pecans.

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    I have an avocado chocolate pudding that I love to make. I think it would make a great ice cream also.

    1 whole avocado, very ripe

    1/4 cup almond milk

    3 Tbsp sweetener (I use Z-sweet erythritol.) Or you

    can adjust sweetness to taste. Stevia works but

    tastes different.

    1 Tbsp cocoa powder

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    Throw it all in a food processor and there you have it.

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    Coconut milk!!

    You can make a custard or pudding with coconut milk. My last attempt I used 1 can of milk, 2 eggs, 1tsp vanilla 1Tblsp coconut flour 1Tblsp raw sugar. You can experiment with that (I got the idea off MDA) I eat mine cold or warm with berries, toasted coconut & toasted slivered almonds. & Maybe some nutmeg or cinnamon. Decadent I tell ya! I'm going to experiment with an ice cream next.

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    JDL- check out some of the raw foodie sites & "un"cookbooks for creamy & crunchy recipes. They tend to make copious use of nuts (esp cashews) & coconut (oil, & flesh) for the creamy factor. I have a copy of "Raw Food Real World " which has recipes for "grawnola" (made from nuts & fruits) - as well as lots of of sublime desserts. But it's easy to overdo it on the nuts....and too many nuts can make you nuts!

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    I love the chocolate avocado combo, and am making a pie for a potluck this Sunday, with a macadamia and coconut oil crust. I add a small amount of raw honey to the avocado chocolate mixture.

    Marci, Sarma Melngailis is great, and I cant wait to visit her restaurant in NYC, it looks to die for. She has a recipe for freezer fudge that looks amazing. I bought some truffles from her website that were fantastic, and I bought the grawnola which was great too.

    I also like this site, I posted it on another thread a while back, great to drool over if nothing else. the raw websites are great for 'side dishes' .


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    "Grawnola" sounds yummy! Thanks for the cookbook... err.. uncookbook recommendation.

    Anyone else feeling like Alice? Why, it's my unbirthday too!

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    Right now I'm experimenting with the a descent replacement pour the traditional milk shake. The Son of Grok gave me the basic on one of post. The recipe is available on my website:

    it's Basicaly:

    1x can of coconut milk (kept in the fridge)

    1x cup of berries

    2x tablespoon of cacao powder.

    Mix and enjoy.

    However, my biggest concern is the Cold factor and the thickness of the preparation. I tried to put the Coconut milk in the freeze for a Hour. The result where interesting but not thick enough to my taste.

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    I LOVE avocado smoothies. If I have an avocado + frozen fruit+ blender, the texture is JUST like ice cream!

    This is a recipe I created and you can find it on my recipe profile w/ the nutrition info:

    Cherry Avocado Smoothie

    1 avocado, without skin and seeds

    1 3/4 cups dark sweet cherries, pitted (Frozen)

    1 1/2 cups baby spinach

    1/2 cup trader joe's orange-peach-mango juice

    Here's a Chilled Watermelon Blackberry Soup:

    6 cups watermelon, diced and seeded

    1-2 teaspoon lemon juice or lime juice

    1 pinch salt

    2 cups blackberries

    1 tablespoon honey (optional)

    1-2 teaspoon rose water or orange flower water

    1 lb red watermelon

    1 lb yellow watermelon

    1/4 cup pomegranate seeds

    mint sprig, for garnish

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    Here's something that's very easy:

    Pour heavy or whipping cream over a bowl of mixed frozen berries until they're almost covered. The cream that works its way in between the berries will be instantly frozen and you will get a big frozen lump of creamy berries which you can then break up and eat with a spoon or mush into more of a creamy consistency. Add coconut flakes for extra deliciousness.

    edit: Got a little excited and forgot you might be trying to avoid dairy altogether. I've found that my system handles high fat dairy very well, while things like 2% milk do bad things. So this might work for you.

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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