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Thread: Epigenetic (a.k.a. Functional) Orthodontics: building better faces

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeD View Post
    So since they claim they fix overbite on their website, without changing the bone structure, I'm assuming the result would be there but on a smaller scale compared to the products you wrote about. I tried to find some comparisons, but haven't had much luck yet.
    They might be able to pull the teeth back a bit, but they don't treat the underlying issue: a lower jaw that is too far back. The appliances actually reposition the lower jaw forward. Invisalign won't reposition the jaw, open up the air passages, correct facial asymmetry, widen the cheekbones or fix TMD and apnea, etc...

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    wow, the differences are almost instantaneous.

    when i was a teen, a dentist recommended that i wear some sort of contraption on my jaw at night to bring my lower jaw forward. at the time i was a bit peeved that my dad would think of spending so much $$ on something that was merely cosmetic, so i said that i wasn't going to wear it. maybe i should have listened to the dentist!
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    It's so amazing to watch those Tourette's videos! A friend of mine knows a guy with Tourette's and she's told him about this. He wants to get this treatment.

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    I missed this thread the first time around, but was just searching for what to do with the chins & cheeks & noses & ears & eyes & teeth I'vev messed up in my kids through my pre- and post-natal diets, and found your excellent blog post, Hazy!
    Quote Originally Posted by hazyjane View Post
    BTW, if you guys want to see something phenomenal that really illustrates how much your jaws can mess you up, watch the Tourette's treatment videos:
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    I wept. I wept. Three of my children have Tourette's, especially after eating SAD at Grandma's house or similar. My sister has it severely. I am going to pay them to do the popsicle stick experiment RIGHT NOW.

    So have you learned any more about the different methodologies? It sounds like DNA, ALF, & Homeoblock are used for adults, whereas Orthotropics is more for children? Do you know whether one is better than another? I have no idea how to go about evaluating these.

    I have five children with increasingly bad facial structure (each one worse than the older) who need some jaw guidance as they grow. I've found 2 or 3 local orthodontists - one is one the provider list for three different sites, another is on the AAGO site.
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    Wow! Amazing and it is so nice to see it work instantly. It must be so hard to go through each and every day with tics.

    MamaGrok- Keep us updated on your kids. How wonderful it would be if your kiddos can get some relief from Tourette's!
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    This is phenomenal! My jaw and face are the tiniest bit crooked/unlevel, but both my sisters and my brother have very narrow jaws and have all had braces, while I've never even had a cavity. My older sister's kids all have really narrow jaws too...

    I'll have to send her your link and see if she cares.

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