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Thread: Epigenetic (a.k.a. Functional) Orthodontics: building better faces

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    Epigenetic (a.k.a. Functional) Orthodontics: building better faces

    I've been researching functional orthodontics, which seek to improve the underdevelopment of the jaws and face due to poor nutrition (think Weston Price) with innovative dental appliances (not braces) that widen the arch and realign the teeth. Totally different than the traditional orthodontics paradigm.
    It's so fascinating to see the facial changes that occur as a result (not to mention the improvements in things like sleep apnea, TMJ, nervous system imbalances and even Tourette's Syndrome!) I really want to have this done some day

    Here's my blog post on the subject:
    Pretty in Primal: Epigenetic Orthodontics: Building Better Bites, Faces and Health?
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