wow, I am so happy to have found this site! I had an eating disorder since I was 9 and my weight has been a ride on a roller coaster, not to mention a big mind _ _ _ _!!!!! Last week I finally got help and have had a spontaneous miraculous healing. THEN, I found this site. I have been addicted to carbs and sugars my whole life-hello, correlation with the eating disorder???!!!!

What is shocking is that after reading the Taubes' books, I realize that my carb/sugar eating habits may even be responsible for my lethargy and even my depression, AND my overall inability to come out of the cave. I have spent YEARS hiding myself away in isolation because I felt so damn fat all the time. Yet, I could not stop bingeing on carbs and sugars. Now I see that I was feeling fat because of all those empty, mindless, fatmaking, unsatisfying carbs. Oy!!

It's no wonder I had a spontaneous healing! I just got hit over the head with a sledgehammer!!! and am happy about it!! I feel so free, and I can't wait to know what it feels like to lose the fat and gain the muscle.

I have ordered Mark's book and the cookbooks and have downloaded and read the free literature. My favorite part of the site is the success stories-wow, the recovery! and results!!! I love the pix. They EXUDE confidence!! I was motivated to take a BEFORE pic of myself. (I even let it all hang out! no more gut sucking for me) I will post it when I have gotten some good results from my new primal lifestyle.

So, my goal is to come out of the cave and feel great enough about myself and my body that I can go to the beach in a bikini. I dont want to waste any MORE of my life hiding away in isolation, shame and misery!!!

thanks for being there! have a great night!