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    Not hungry all the time

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    I keep posting questions and problems but right now I feel inspired to post a rave

    The thing that amazes me most about eating primal is that I'm *not hungry all the time* anymore.

    I used to just snack all day long. And if I didn't eat soon enough, I would get irritable. Now I go hours without eating. And when I do get hungry, it's ok. Instead of crankily going to a drive through so I don't bite someone's head off, I am easily able to just be hungry until I can find food. It's just normal hunger, not the overwhelming feeling (the shakiness, the irritability, the tiredness) I felt before.

    And when I do get the food, I eat it normally instead of ravenously shoveling it in and going for more and more and more (til I gave myself a stomach ache) like I used to.

    I went 5 1/2 hours without eating today. I was only hungry the last hour and it was fine. I just felt hungry. Not awful, not sick, not like I was going to pass out. Just hungry. I came home, got some food and ate it at a reasonable pace, not feeling like I had to shovel it in as fast as possible. This is just so amazing to me!

    This is not will power or anything like that. Gah, I got that message often enough from the media! But no, I'm not weak willed. It's definitely something physical and there is obviously something that refined carbs do to me. I have friends who eat plenty of refined carbs who never acted like I did. They're all naturally thin too and I'm very much not so hey, maybe carbs don't affect everyone the same. But for me, the difference is amazing. I feel so much better and this is just barely 3 weeks eating this way.

    This is so obviously the right way for me to eat.

    Just feeling grateful I finally decided to go against what I was taught was healthy my whole life and finally try low carb (low carb is bad enough, but low carb high fat? What am I, trying to kill myself? )

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    Congrats! The first person I turned on to primal suffered from horrible hunger when she didn't eat all the time.

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    I am experiencing the same freedom from feeling like I "have to" eat ASAP when I get hungry, to prevent nuclear meltdown and consumption of mass quantities.

    I used to say I felt like a shark-- I could eat any time of the day or night, always cruising for my next bite...

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    Sounds like blood sugar stabilization to me! WTG!!!!

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    This is my favorite thing about going Primal. For the first time in my life I am not starving all the time. Sometimes on weekends I go from breakfast till dinnertime and forget to eat. That never happened to me in my entire life. It is very freeing to not feel tethered to food. I know exactly how you feel. It is great eh??

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    I know exactly what you are talking about! I've always loved food, and I still do, but now I'm not constantly thinking about it, thinking about what and when I'm going to eat next, as soon as I finish a meal. Hunger is no longer a reason for panic, it's just...hunger.

    One of the lines that struck me most when I read Why We Get Fat was something about not being fat because we are lazy and lack willpower, but we lack willpower and get lazy because we are fat. I really do think that it's not a matter of raw willpower, it's about eating the right foods and healing yourself. Willpower becomes moot.
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    I suffer from the shakes and panic, too, when I eat a CW diet. The primal way of eating has helped so much. And i LIKE being hungry before I eat because the food tastes so much better. I didn't used to be able to get that hungry without feeling sick, so this is nice.

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    Me too! I ate breakfast (a can of salmon) at 12:30pm today

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    Mmmmm. Real food is good.

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    Yeah, I can't believe this myself. I remember becoming an intolerable person when I would go for over 4 hours without food - it was ridiculous how irritable I would get. I would have stomach pains and become fixated on eating something. Now I can go for extended periods without discomfort.

    It's apparent to me now that grains were wreaking havoc on my system. I was vegetarian in my teens, and I ate a ton of fake meats (loaded with wheat gluten), which probably didn't help.

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    Yes, after going primal/paleo, you will suffer less hunger. I fast everyday for 16-18 hours (sometimes 20 hours). I am not just not hungry during that time. My dinner is huge (about 1,200 calories), full of fat, and moderate protein/carbs. It really sustains me for a long time.

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