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Thread: First checkup after going Primal in March. Results already! page 2

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    Love me some Primal:-) Welcome, and keep on Grokkin!

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    Congratulations, that's got to feel great! My family wants to know my cholesterol numbers now after starting primal. They are not convinced. I had to learn to eat fat as well. Your story is very inspiring.

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    Make sure you tell them high cholesterol is just fine. It's fun to watch the steam come out of people's ears.

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    Wow that's awesome results. You should be proud of yourself!

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    Thank you so much all. Paleo/primal is saving my life, literally. This is becoming my sort of "progress thread" but I'm running with it!

    Well, I found a naturopath that I love. I had my cholesterol checked again the other day. Knifegill, you are right - high numbers by themselves are not the enemy - high total cholesterol is typical with "low carb" Primal type diets. My total cholesterol is a little elevated, but my triglycerides and "good" cholesterol are excellent.

    I'm still only 50 pounds down from my highest weight; I've stalled a little because I caught a nasty flu and haven't felt like exercising for a couple of weeks. I'm not too worried about that, it'll take care of itself once I get moving again.

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