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    Try on as many styles as you can get hold of as they each fit and feel different.

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    I wear the KSO on outdoor hikes -- extremely comfortable.

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    Hey Tyler, just wanted to give a small report here about my VFFs... I have the treks, and ran in Warrior Dash on saturday. Be really really careful if you are running in mud, or water where you can't see the bottom, for the protection that is there, there is NONE for your instep.

    After the 5th rock crushed my candyass instep I was one hurt puppy, and that's something you will get on a trail run.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    I'm COMPLETELY new to this whole barefoot running and hiking (kind odd considering I gre up in mississippi haha jk) I recently started running again been running off an on for the past 2 years since I've been out of the marine corp...I was thinking about getting into barefoot running...I've been looking at the vibram five fingers...any suggestions on which style vibrams to buy? The KSO and the classic seem to be the top ones according to the reviews I've read....I need something for running AND hiking....or is it best to buy a different pair for each sport?

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    haven't read through this whole thread.. but just thought I'd jump in...

    If you're only looking for something to run in the five fingers'll probably suit you fine (if you don't mind the look)... But, if you're looking to do some sports, I'd HIGHLY recommend the Merrell barefoot series. They've been using vibram soles since before anyone ever even knew what the term was and I personally feel they are the best shoe I have ever purchased in my life. I use them for basketball actually, where there is a lot of changing direction and quick stops and explosions and the shoe grips well and performs great.

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