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Thread: VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS which to buy?

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    Buy whichever kind is avaliable. In the Washington area they are sold out everywhere and I had to special order them through REI. I bought the sprint version and I'm happy with them. If you do buy a pair, make sure and buy a membership to REI first, that way you can return them for a full refund if they break or you're not satisfied. REI membership is $20 for lifetime so it's worth it.

    If you do any hiking remember that these are minamilist running solutions. If you are on a rockey trail, those rocks will hurt the hell outta your feet. I learned this lesson the hard way when I did a hike down at the Columbia River Gorge. The trail was dirt and sharp rocks and it sucked getting jabbed all the time.

    I love my VFFs and wear them whenever the weather is nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    When you feel it, do you go "Ow", cuz that would be nice to avoid
    Depends on your pain threshold. I don't think any VFF will afford anti-"ow" protection if you step on a rock the right way (i.e., with enough pressure on a given part of the foot). Even their thicker-soled shoes -- for my case, the Komodo Sport -- will allow such feedback.
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    I have the Komodo Sports as well, and I agree with Velocity, step on an edge or something sharp the wrong way, and you're going to feel it. That being said I am loving the Komodo Sports but truthfully I picked them for the super smooth interior. Of all the styles I tried they seemed the least likely to pinch, or create friction, which I prioritized higher than genuine ground feel. If that's important to you then I would definitely try to find a place to try them on for sizing as well as the fit of the particular model you have in mind.

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    I have an old pair KSO's, Flows that I wear in the rain (I live in Oregon) and a pair of Komodo Sports that I got last month.

    I will tell you that IMHO the Komodos are superior in every way to the others for versitility and comfort. The Komodo sole is good for running on trails and even gravel. In my others, I was always hopping around debris...not a bad plyo workout, but painful if mis-step.

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    Stallion speaks the truth.
    I have 1 pair of original KSOs and 2 pairs of KSO Trek. I do not wear any other shoes. They are awesome.
    Vibram keeps improving and the Komodo Sports are rock solid and "Superior in every way to the others". They are my next purchase of Vibrams. I also want the KSO Trek Sport and the new cold weather boots coming out this fall.
    As for pain protection they dont offer much. I ve torn off half my toe nail when running and hit a tree root and if you hit a rock in the right way its the same as being barefoot pretty much. What you do learn is to be more aware of your surroundings and in touch with the earth below you.

    I was a shoe addict and had over 30 pairs of sneakers which just collect dust now. Thats how much I love my five fingers.
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    I'm a surveyor and wear KSO's in the field and LOVE them!

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    I wear my old KSO's everywhere except the office.

    Walking, running (trail and pavement), any workouts I do, floating the river, trips to the store... everything. I bought them about a year ago, before Bikilias and Komodos came out. The KSO seemed like the most well rounded pair at the time, kind of the jack of all trades.
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    So...sounds like KSO is the winner? Thanks Tyler for starting this thread!

    *off to see if REI has my size*
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    I live in Maine, hiking is on granite, rocky, nasty trails. I chose the KSO Treks. It's all about technique, pay attention and don't clod your way up the mountain, a soft touch goes along way. I really enjoy them. They quiet your hiking both in sound and body movements.
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    I forgot to mention one of the best things about 5 fingers is they are machine washable so they are always pretty clean. Even the Kangaroo leather KSO Treks.
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