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Thread: J-Pouch Surgery, Ulcerative Colitis...sorry if this is off topic :)

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    Here's a blog with pics I did in my last full season -

    It's 13 pages and covers all of 2007. You may regognize some names if you follow moto.

    Again, I'm all for lifestyle changes to moderate flareups, but UC is unfortunately not something that goes away with lifestyle changes. Its still going to be there making you sick, even if it's manageable. You don't realize how sick you have been until that colon comes out.

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    I was the first child in the world to have the J-Pouch operation (as far as I've been informed). i was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 5yo. I'm now 32yo. Doctors say it's rare in children, this is BS, it's just as common in kids as it is in adults only statistical data falls short with poor and 3rd world countries as they don't bother to do studies there.

    Overtime, the body re-trains it's self and the small bowel will also accommodate for the role of the large bowel. Like a two in one system. For the first few years the toiletry issue for me was nothing short of embarrassing but you'll find things that do and don't work for you over time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I'll check regularly. Thanks.

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