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    Only eat meat fish,egg, fowl for one week

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    Im thinking of going completly carnivore for a week, that means I only eat meat fish fowl eggs and no veggies.

    Has anyone tried this? What can i expect from being a meateater for a week?
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    eat plenty of fat and offal, some dude actually got fricken scurvy from just doing the meat

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    He got scurvy after being zero carb, for like, EVER. Not just over night. (if we're talking about the same dude)

    There is a really good zero carb/vlc board where people are doing this for life.

    Some on the site have been doing it for more than 2 years already - PM me if you'd like the address.

    I don't know if we get busted around here for posting other people's sites.


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    It's fine for a week. Here's some info:
    Zero Carb Diet | Mark's Daily Apple

    You may experience some constipation. If so, Magnesium supplementation can be helpful.

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    Yeah, expect some constipation.

    I've done it for 2 weeks and lost a lot of bf% whilst maintaining or even gaining some muscle. Couldn't keep it up longer because of the aforementioned bathroom problems along with my passion for veggies.

    My daily diet was something like a pound of salmon, 12 eggs and a nice rib eye steak in the evening. Sometimes I'll have a whole chicken instead of the salmon or any other meat.

    Just make sure you eat some fatty cuts, you won't be able to workout much on lean chicken breasts all day long....

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