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Thread: Pork

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    Where do I get grass fed pork online? (reputable sources, anyone use Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats -- Meats you must eat for optimal health)

    Also, is there any difference in cooking between pork and a grass fed NY sirloin strip steak?

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    I tend to cook my pork until it's just a little pink in the middle where I eat my steak almost raw. Beef is not prone to having parasites within the muscle. Pork is. Pastured pork is actually more prone to parasites than pigs that don't get to live natural lives. I still think it's a better choice of meat, but you have to cook it pretty thoroughly.

    Also cooking depends on cut. I cook a pork chop quickly in a skillet. I cook a pork shoulder or butt roast for an hour in a pressure cooker. I roast a pork loin in the oven.

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    I cook my pork chops the same as I cook my steaks procedure wise (sear on skillet, then skillet in the oven). The only difference is I broil the steak for a few minutes to Rare/MR, but I leave the pork in to MidWell.

    Pork shoulder can be cooked similar to a beef roast, but has more bone/cartalidge so you may need to slow cook for longer...

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