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Thread: Love Stew

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    Love Stew

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    On accident, I concocted Cupid's favorite today. I had a pound of beef stew meat, 2 sweet potatoes, an onion, piece of ginger and tumeric, and plenty of what I thought was celery (more on that later). I decided I needed more meat, so I pulled a bison heart (1.8 pounds worth) out of the freezer and threw it in. 3-4 hours later, I was in heaven. It turns out what I thought was some form of celery from the farmer's market is actually called lovage. So I essentially had a heart and lovage stew. Love stew I call it.

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    Mmmm, that sounds awesome! Can't get lovage here, but soon it will be kale kale kale and kale at the farmer's market!

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