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Thread: Ex-vegan seeking advice

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    Hi ZoeBird,

    Thanks for writing! Yes, of course I have heard of the glycemic index. I have been devouring health and nutrition books for about 15 years now, so I have been exposed to everything you reference. High protein/high fat is not at all mainstream, however, so when you start reading about nutrition, most of what you're going to read is the opposite: high carb/low fat.

    What motivated you to get off of veganism, and did you switch from vegan to primal? If so, did you have trouble transitioning? Did you go through the carb flu that Griff references?

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    Hi Dragonfly,

    I'm going to ask you the same question I asked Zoe:

    What motivated you to get off of veganism/vegetarianism, and did you switch from vegan to primal? If so, did you have trouble transitioning? Did you go through the carb flu that Griff references?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfly View Post
    Actually, a lot of have a very good idea! Lots of former vegetarians/vegans here.
    Not to mention the tr*lls from those sites who occasionally plague us over the weekends...

    This is the topic of my dissertation - people who believe things despite evidence to the contrary, or no supporting evidence. It's both fascinating and sad.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    Okay, here's an example (I can't resist):

    I have a dear friend who is a high raw/high fruit, very hardcore vegan. She and I bonded when our diets were much the same. She runs a very successful raw food/low fat vegan website. Over the last year, she and I have gone back and forth numerous times over frustration about weight gain (both of us have been carrying around an extra 20 pounds that our high fruit diets weren't helping to lose. She particularly has been annoyed about this and has tried everything but cutting out carbs to deal with it).

    So, three days ago she posted on her Facebook page a link to a Youtube video some raw foodist made, a rail-thin young guy, who rants in the video that fruit doesn't make you gain weight while he's drinking a huge banana smoothie.

    I was extremely surprised she promoted this video, knowing all the back-and-forth we've had over her frustration over her own weight gain. So I emailed her privately and told her, um, fruit HAS made me gain weight, and it made you gain weight, too, remember all those conversations we've had? Why are you promoting a message to your readers that you know from personal experience isn't true? I said this very gently.

    I of course received an insanely long email in response, and it was the most wonderful example of cognitive dissonance and "clinging to the belief system" I have ever seen. She stated outright several times that it wasn't fruit that made her gain weight, not at all. It was her being "upstream" with her beliefs (something about the law of attraction, and her negative thinking was attracting the extra weight).

    Now, she says, she's totally "downstream" and will be posting pictures of herself in a bikini on her website very soon. However, I saw a picture of her from about 3 weeks ago, and while she is a lovely woman (a former model), she is definitely still carrying around that extra weight. So I don't know what the heck she's talking about and haven't replied to her email yet, because honestly it gave me chills. It ended with admonishing me to "eat more carbs" and that fruit is the last thing I should be focusing negative attention on in my diet.

    Boy oh boy. She is one of those people who believes that the vegan diet is going to save the world and that it's the appropriate diet for every human, and eventually we'll all see the light.

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    Aktres, funny you should ask.

    I just got through really truly reading The Vegetarian Myth (it's been kicking around on my book shelf for months, and I'd skimmed through it but never really taken the time to absorb its message). Finally I picked it up one day, started reading, and could barely put it down. It was so amazing it interfered with my sleep for several nights! I am now counting it among the top 5 health books I've ever read. I just loaned my copy to a friend. Simply wonderful!

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    Griff, would love to read your dissertation! The type of thinking we are discussing is a hallmark of cults and is powerful stuff. It's so obvious to me now why veganism is often referred to as cultlike. The enforcing of groupthink and conformity on 30 Bananas a Day was disturbing to me. Anyone who came forward with health issues was bullied and/or banned.

    I've been reading about the lack of saturated fat in the diet leading to mental imbalance (I always think of 30 Bananas a Day crowd when I read that. I can't help it!).

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    Aktes, thank you! I am a HUGE reader and am always looking for new book recommendations. Do you have any other suggestions? I'm just now cracking open Good Calories, Bad Calories (I actually read his new book, Why We Get Fat first).

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