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Thread: Intermittent fasting for teens?

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    Intermittent fasting for teens?

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    Parents don't like the idea. (the not eating breakfast or lunch and eating when I get home. Then workout. Then dinner.) What do you think? Will it actually help me, give me extra gains? I'm not trying to lose any weight, and gaining some more muscle wouldn't be bad either.
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    It wont help you gain muscle, but it may help prevent fat gain while gaining muscle. Look up Leangains for more info. How long is your daily fast? Don't fast more than 16 hours a day, it's hard to eat a big caloric surplus in a short amount of time.

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    You aren't trying to lose (not loose) any weight. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.
    IF will not give you "extra" gains. As Laconophile stated though, it will probably help prevent you from getting fat.
    The best gains that I ever had was eating all of my carbs (about 200g) within 90 minutes of training heavy. Easy to do if you have a PWO training drink.
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