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Thread: Undulation ropes- which thickness?

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    Undulation ropes- which thickness?

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    About to buy some rope! I've seen this exercise for a long time and always wanted to try. And.. there it is in Mark's workout suggestions!

    Wondering weather to go for 1.5" or 2".

    I'm male, 5-8, 220 lbs. Been relatively inactive the past few months due to a back injury but I'm no stranger to working out hard.

    Wondering if I'll be able to get the "waves" down to the end enough times with the 2".

    Thoughts or experiences?

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    Stomach undulation? I do that to gross my family out, which makes it play, not exercise.
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    I'd go with 2". I think that's pretty standard. However, if you find thicker rope too much, just scale the time or reps... getting the waves down to the end is dependent on not only your fitness and strength level, but the length of the rope. I think you'll be able to do it...but again...just scale if not. Good luck!
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    Agree with the 2 inches. Love the ropes! Be prepared for the lactic acid burn.

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    I've been working with ropes for a while and let me just say they kick my butt. I have both 1.5" and 2". There is a big difference in weight and the 1.5" is plenty hard enough. I attended the level 1 battling ropes course with John Brookfield and never realized the many things that could be done with a rope. Amazing stuff. One of his level 2 requirements is to be able to do alternating waves for 20 minutes straight. That's a long way off for me!

    Good luck!

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