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Thread: Wow. Just wow!

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    Wow. Just wow!

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    My 12 year old is not exactly fat but she's got a belly that sticks out and had been growing over the years.

    I've been eating low carb/high fat for 2 weeks now. About one week in she watched Fat Head with me, said it sounded interesting and that she was interested in trying to eat this way too.

    Now, let me be clear, she still eats sugar and grains. She's had some candy this week, she's had pasta, she's had cereal. So she's not exactly primal. She's simply eating fewer grains than usual and more meat and fat (she's thrilled with the bacon, lol!). She has at least one primal meal a day but also at least one meal with grains a day. It's her choice and if she asks for pasta, I give it to her.

    But here's what gets me. It's only been a week and her belly is noticeably smaller! She hasn't noticed (she's delightfully not body conscious ) but it's pretty obvious when she comes down the stairs in a tee shirt and I *don't* see a belly sticking out the fabric!

    And this is just eating *fewer* carbs. Wow. Ok, she's 12 so yes, her body is more resilient than her 41 year old mother, but still. It's a dramatic change for just one week of not even close to perfect primal

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    Thats awesome! And if at 12 she can get on a healthy, sustainable way of living and eating, she's miles ahead of the pack. Way to go

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    As she gets older she will be more body conscious and sounds like she will be a really good candidate for entirely primal. She will have a secret weapon that all her friends won't have. YOU, to help her. Very exciting. It would be really nice if we could "brainwash" all of our kids today with primal ideas before they get swallowed up by the machine.

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