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Thread: Tahine (sesame butter)... is it good?

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    Tahine (sesame butter)... is it good?

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    I just wonder if Tahine (sesame butter) is healthy or not. I mean, eating it not daily but maybe for breakfast every 2 days or so. I suppose is very rich in omega 6 but... it's very rich in protein, no sugar, a lot of fat.... right?

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    When I saw the title of this thread, I was hoping you were asking if tahini was tasty. In which case, I would have said, "it's freakin delicious."

    Unfortunately, you're right about the omega 6 content, though sesame seeds aren't too awful as far as nuts and seeds go. I would recommend thinking of tahini more as a condiment than a staple, and enjoying once in a while in moderation.
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    Stabby has made the point about a copper deficiency possibly leading to higher LDL numbers. Thus, I looked up what I could eat that would contain larger amounts of copper. Second thing on the list of primal ok foods for copper? Sesame seeds (WHFoods: copper). So, I eat them every other day or so and keep my chicken/pork consumption down that day to balance out the n-6 problem.
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