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    fav omelette filling?

    hey everyone! I am eating on average one-two omelettes a day, and I'm running out of ideas to stuff them! I've done ham, bacon, etc. What's YOUR go-to omelette stuffing?

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    Onions, spinach, you could chop up leftover asparagus and saute it in a bit of oil before adding it.

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    pepperoni, leftover spag sauce (with Italian sausage cooked into it) spinach, bell peppers, and cheese.
    Leftover nuclear vampire chicken (chicken crockpotted in a garlic habanero salsa), cheddar, bell pepper, tomato, and avocado.
    leftover curry
    I think you can see where I'm gonig with this.
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    My go-to omelette filling is spinach & feta cheese, with sauteed onions.

    Another recent favorite is yellow summer squash. I cut the squash into small chunks, then saute it in a pan with butter, salt, pepper. The squash becomes sweet and is a nice contrast to the savoriness of the eggs, and the whole plate is yellow (which I find oddly comforting).

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    Green onion, bacon, avocado, top the omelette with salsa!
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    Sauted mushrooms, onions, garlic, shrimp and a dab of cream cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Fresh chives put this over the top!
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    Mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, spinach and gorgonzola cheese. Yummy!
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    These are combos that I like, but you can mix and match:

    Goat cheese, tomatoes and basil
    Mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter
    Smoked salmon and cream cheese and chives
    Chorizo inside, topped with guacamole and salsa outside

    Now I'm hungry!

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    Spinach and feta - no need to wilt spinach, just put it in the middle and fold
    Smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives - cream cheese cubes folded in gently at last minute make creamy pockets

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    Right now, my favorite omelette is a very simple one - eggs, and goat cheese. The goat cheese goes all fluffy, and the entire thing is just heaven. A sprinkle of salt and pepper, and maybe some smoked paprika, or maybe some chives, and its a great way to start my day.

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