I'm trying as hard to stay as primal as possible. I go to see my doctor in September and don't want to have to go on a pill to regulate my cycles, so I'm trying to solve it now. Since going low carb, I've been skipping a period every other month. So basically two months no period then period. I wouldn't care so much if I didn't have PMS disorder. My hormones kick in at the appropriate time and then stay that way for almost a month until it finally arrives. This makes me insane emotionally and very hard to deal with. Not to mention my cravings go through the roof, and I can't control my eating like I can after my cycle has come.

Anyways, I've started drinking some of the Yogi teas for women....red raspberry leaf, moon cycle...I need to get the Women's Energy tea. Is there anything else I can do to try to make my cycle normalize? I feel so stuck. I have to admit I've upped the carbs just to try to get my cycle to start. I haven't added grains back in, though...at least consciously...I'm sure something I've eaten outside of the home has had a minimal amount. I'm curious if the grains would jumpstart it....but I really don't wanna! *whines* Sorry, but I've gotten so used to no grains I can't see going back now just for my dang cycle.

I'd appreciate any opinions. Thank you.