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Thread: Skin cancer and PB

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    Skin cancer and PB

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    Hi everyone. I don't know if this is really the proper forum to ask for this kind of advice but everyone here seems so knowledgeable that I thought I'd give it a go. One of my best friends has had skin cancer at the age of 26. She didn't used to go to tanning booths or tan in excessive amounts in the summer - it just appeared one day. Luckily they caught it very early, removed the affected tissue and she was fine. However occasionally potentially cancerous (I don't know if I'm using the correct terminology here) spots appear on her skin and have to get removed again. She has to constantly check her skin for trouble spots. The situation is both scary and horribly inconvenient - she had another operation recently and she is not allowed to go out into sunlight without covering up, carrying an umbrella, wearing a hat and +70 SPF.

    I was wondering if anybody would have any advice for supplements or dietary changes that might help. I know it's a long shot but there is obviously something still wrong in her body since new spots keep appearing... She follows a half-primal diet already as she has celiac disease and lactose intolerance. Her husband is Italian so they only cook with olive oil and occasionally butter in their house, never seed oils. She does however eat plenty of non-gluten grains and sugar. It seems to me like the frequent cancerous spots could be a result of inflammation but then what do I know.

    Thanks for reading, I'm grateful for any suggestions
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    I am not sure but I believe that infammation does cause your skin to burn more easily. Gluten grains are inflammatory!
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    What type of skin cancer was it?
    Dr. A. Bernard Ackerman and his team study tens of thousands of skin specimens a year. He believes that basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma are indeed caused by sun, but melanoma doesn't look like it is caused in the same way.
    My brother in law died of melanoma last May (about a year ago) and he NEVER went in the sun. His mom told me he had a sunburn once when he was about 5 and never had another one that she knew about.
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    Low, low carb and lots of vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to be protectant of UV damage in addition to all the other amazing things it does and a low carb diet leads to less inflammation like Toad said. From what I've seen already, even with myself, people really underestimate the amount of carbs they eat. I feel the best when I'm under 50g a day. When it comes to cancer, I'd give something like a pure primal diet a shot if it even had a chance of working.
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    at this link - Iodine Cures, about iodine


    From my own clinical experience, repeated application of iodine (Lugol's) to the skin appears to cause regeneration of the skin from the bottom up (Quiescent, stable or stem cell) (3) eventually sloughing the old version of the skin off like a snake molting. If there was a pre-cancerous lesion on the old skin, it is replaced with new skin minus the lesion. There does not seem to be any skin lesions which are not helped or cured by this procedure. In some cases I found clinically obvious low thyroid conditions also needed to be treated to be more effective. Minor lacerations and healing of surgical wounds respond well. If skin regeneration is from the bottom, then there is little or no scar formation.

    All pre-malignant lesions and many other oddities of the skin appear to respond to this regeneration process triggered by topical iodine. I have mentioned previously a patient with a biopsy-proven breast cancer lesion (she refused surgery because of previous cancer treatment) that was strongly fixed to the skin responding well to topical iodine and ended up being a dimple on the breast three year later. (6)

    It is my belief a water solution of iodine (like Lugol's) is an important therapeutic agent for skin. Because of its effectiveness and the results, perhaps many skin diseases are related to local tissue areas of relative iodine deficiency. Perhaps the most graphic lesions are the "keloid" (worm) incision scars formed after surgical procedures. If the iodine intake and tissue levels are adequate, such as in Japan, keloid formation doesn't happen (7). In addition, iodine's ability to trigger natural cell death (apoptosis) (5) makes it effective against all pre-cancerous skin lesions and likely many cancerous lesions. The local site is replaced with normal skin. However, even lesser doses of topical iodine seem to reverse the ominous appearance of skin lesions. Because my older brother died of metastatic melanoma, my chances of getting a malignant melanoma are increased by 400 times. (8-9) Having grown up in Venezuela near the equator my sun exposure at a young age was far above normal. So all suspicious lesions I notice are returned to normal with topical Lugol's."
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    Hi Ajax

    I would be the first to say I do not know a lot. But she needs to start asking her doctor lots of questions. What type is it? There are 3 types of skin cancer as said above. Does he have an opinion\idea as to what he thinks these pre cancerous cells will turn into?

    I would imagine getting operated on would be stressful and scarring as well. My understanding here is that there is now a cream that is prescribed, that knocks it off pretty quickly. A friend was prescribed the ointment in Germany. I do not know the name but I can find out for you. I am sure it is not primal but it could help while she is making changes.

    I think you are on the right track regarding dietary changes and when you read your post it really does not sound like to much sun exposure, so then other areas have to be looked at.

    She needs to sit down and write all her questions, and make sure the doctor has a serious discussion with her, so she, husband and you can get a grip and really start looking for solutions.

    Please report back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutritionator View Post
    Vitamin D is known to be protectant of UV damage in addition to all the other amazing things it does
    Plus she surely must need it if she's hiding from the sun and sunblocked etc.
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    suspicious lesions I notice are returned to normal with topical Lugol's."
    where do you buy Lugols? Drugstore? Health food store? Vitamin shop?

    I tend to form keloid scars so this is of interest to me, epecially since I will be having surgery next month.

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    I had stage 1 melanoma 3 years ago and i go to the doc once or twice a year to get looked over for cancer. . . it's fairly scarry stuff. I take 4000iu of D a day, not sure if it helps but i hope so . . i still cover up when going outside but i try not to use sunblock
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    I'm pale complexion and usually burn within 30 minutes out in the sun. I'm talking blister burning, but since I've been supplementing with 10,000IU D3 (Just upped it to 15,000IU) I can be out without sunblock for up to 3 hours with minimal burning and peeling.

    We discussed the affects of vitamin D in another thread and several others replied that they are less damaged by the sun. Vitamin D is a strong hormone that regulates everything from cholesterol to inflammation.
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