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Thread: I play in a touring band, need tips to stay primal while on the road.

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    Cool I play in a touring band, need tips to stay primal while on the road.

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    Hi everyone! I'm 27 years old and started following the primal blueprint on April 1 and have lost 25 pounds since then! I'm well on my way to my pre-college weight, just need about another 20 lbs or so and I'll be at my goal weight.

    Anyways, I play in a band and we're on the road quite a bit. I will be on the road this entire next week, mostly in the southern California area (Hermosa Beach, San Diego, Carlsbad). We're usually broke and on a budget, at home it's easy to buy and prepare your food, I'm not sure what to do this next week.

    I was planning on bringing a little portable bbq and trying to make some food while on the road, any suggestions for something easy where I don't need a lot of ingredients would be awesome. Fast food options would be amazing. I've read some of the articles posted around here about fast food. One of my go-to fast food meals has been in-n-out burgers protein style. Or if you know of any specific places to get primal-friendly food in southern california, let me know of them! Trying to eat on the cheap is key as well.

    We play in a lot of bars, and I was always used to having a few drinks before playing. It always helped me loosen up and get into the music a bit more. Plus it's kind of annoying to be sober in a bar full of drunkards, just a drink or two can help make some of those people tolerable. I know alcohol is pretty much bad no matter what, but if anyone has any low-cal drink ideas that I can order, that would be amazing. One I've been making at parties for myself is what I've come to call a "limey bastard." It's vodka, soda water, & limes.

    Anyways, any tips anyone could give me for staying primal and keep my weight loss on track while living the touring musician lifestyle would be much appreciated!

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    Canned coconut milk and vanilla protein powder. Quick and easy to mix, and it tastes great! If you have friends who'll be letting you stay at their houses, eggs and sausages are also easy options. You can also go to just about any "breakfast" sort of restaurant and have eggs cooked in butter. Make a huge batch of paleo trail mix and bring it with you for the road. You can order burgers without the buns at loads of chain restaurants. Lots of steakhouses are open late, too. If you have to sleep in the van, canned tuna packed in olive oil with chopped avocado is easy and decent-tasting. Bring lots of beef jerky with you!

    In a pinch, Walmarts and gas stations will usually have Larabars and some decent trail mixes (be careful of these; they often contain nasty additives). Fruit is almost universally available -- you can get bananas, apples, and oranges almost anywhere. I know you're trying to lose weight, but it is BY FAR better to eat fruit while on tour than eat processed, chemical-laden garbage. If you absolutely MUST, make a meal out of bananas.

    As far as stimulants go, stick to tea or coffee. Don't load up on Red Bull and other energy drinks; totally not worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgmachine View Post
    anyone has any low-cal drink ideas
    Scotch is my go to choice, sometimes on ice, sometimes with a little club soda.
    "Canned food is a perversion,' Ignatius said. 'I suspect that it is ultimately very damaging to the soul."
    - John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces)

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    So. Cal has lots of Whole Foods--and they usually have a good deli with Primal options. I was in Redondo Beach last year & got free-range eggs and nitrate-free bacon from their hot deli for about $4-5. Quick & easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgmachine View Post

    Anyways, any tips anyone could give me for staying primal and keep my weight loss on track while living the touring musician lifestyle would be much appreciated!
    You're a muso aren't you? So your day must start at around 3.00 pm, right?

    Meal 1: Black coffee and cigarette.

    Meal 2: Cocktail with fruit garnish (go easy though, fruit's full of sugar).

    Meal 3: Snort some coke of a groupie's jiggling arse, then roll her over and suck some vodka from her belly button (fruit optional)

    Meal 4: A slice of the roadies pizza - or just eat the cheese stuck to the box. Another line or two for desert.

    Meal 5: Just eat the ice out of your next Screwdriver.

    Cardio: Rocking out, blowjobs.

    This easy plan worked worked for Keith Richards, it can work for you.

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