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Thread: Can You Analyze This Blood Panel?

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    Can You Analyze This Blood Panel?

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    Hey hey everyone!

    Long time no talk

    I have a buddy who recently got some blood work done. His doc says he needs to go on statins due to high overall cholesterol and high LDL.

    (Here's a link to the blood panel results: )

    This guy is fairly primal, maybe like 50%. Lots of good fats, avoids gluten, most grains, etc. But I think he could be a bit lower on the carb intake, and probably specifically sugar.

    Anyhow, my initial thoughts are that he probably needs to get a more complete blood panel, one that includes vLDL rather than just LDL.

    I think his results don't look absolutely *great* and at the same time, I don't know if there's really a reason to panic like his doctor is doing. (His doctor is basically saying that he needs to do something ASAP, therefore statins were prescribed, and he's been taking them for about a month.)

    Any thoughts on the analysis?

    Here's the picture of the blood panel results again:

    Thanks for the help! cholesterol

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    I would say that he should get a lipoprotein profile done to see what makes up his LDL profile (large fluffy or small dense), but from his high triglycerides and high LDL he has a good portion of the small, dense LDL.
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    The triglycerides are high which would suggest the LDL are probably small and dense (not good). Need to get those triglycerides lowered with low carb, no grains and minimal fruit. He should take coenzyme Q10 if taking statins.
    (edit ELCO just noticed your reply - same on triglycerides).

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    Yeah no real need to know LDL subfractions...his triglycerides are way too high. It's completely reversible, he just has to start doing what's healthy and improving his insulin sensitivity. Make him read about this stuff.
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