I really enjoy reading other people's journals so I thought maybe I would start one too.

We are a family of four currently. I have four kids but to live with their dad at the moment. Here is the cast of characters you may encounter in this journal

My husband 33 weights about 280 pounds (when we met he was probably about 350!), has type 2 diabetes. high blood pressure, and his triglycerides and cholesterol were through the roof last year when he was hospitalized. He works on his feet all day as a retail asset protection dude. When he is off he is on his bum nerding it up on World of Warcraft. This was not always the case. He really wants to become a cop but fears he can't pass the physical tests.

I am 34, weigh between 212 and 220 and have no dangerous health problems. I do however have thinning hair, dark circles under my eyes, dull skin, and ZERO energy. I am a stay at home mom who unschools her kids but barely have energy to accomplish that or anything else I enjoy.

My daughter is 11 and weighs about 115 pounds, she is tall but has a little belly. Her teeth are not good (runs in the family) and she has had eczema since she was a newborn. She gets dehydrated easily.

My youngest son is 8. He worries me a lot because he used to have a sturdy yet not chubby body. He is starting to fill out. His teeth are not great either. Diabetes runs in my husband's family and mine, I do not want to see him become diabetic before he is a teen (or at all). He struggles with constipation.

My older boys are nearly 13 and 15. They are a whole other bunch of fun! LOL TEENS!

About 5 years ago I discovered Nourishing Traditions. I was feeding my family that style diet as well as locally. We moved and my husband went through a time of unemployment and that is when our eating went all to heck. As much as I tried to get back on track a lot of bad habits creeped in and I did not realize it until recently. I decided I needed to do something before my children's health got worse or my husband died. I can't take living like a zombie. I want to get out and enjoy nature, garden, keep my house clean, etc. I discovered the Paleo diet and that lead me to the primal blue print. I have not read the book yet but I read as much as possible. It all made sense.

This Wednesday we jumped in with both feet. My kids were a little resistant and upset about the changes but so far only a couple complaints. They had a fit over me saying we would not eat grains for awhile but the funny thing is I left the bread on the stove and some crackers and they have not touched them or asked for them. In general I am thrilled because now that they are eating no grains, no processed sugar, and lower carbs they are not begging for food 24-7. It is WONDERFUL and if that was the only good thing that came from this I would be happy. They were constantly in the food, I think it was because they were eating so many grains and faux foods even when they were organic or natural.

Stay tuned!