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    Non-Primal foods galore?!

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    I'm not harping on any one person-- don't feel attacked here. I've just noticed for the past few weeks that we have more and more talk of eating rice, bread, potatoes, peanut-butter, etc.

    Should we have a re-cap of the basis of being Primal???
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    Why aren't potatoes primal?

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    I think you are right,way too many people here dont really eat the primal way.

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    We are discovering that certain tweaks to the PB are working for us. Should we leave the forums or should we re-evaluate the PB?
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    I agree. I think that some should re-read "Avoid Poisonous Things"

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    No, it's just a lot of new people are asking new person questions, and the whole Paleo movement is re-discovering starchy tubers.
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    For active people there's no harm in some extra carbs here and there. You're still way ahead of pretty much everyone else.

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    Aren't potatoes primal? And rice isn't so bad either, if you can handle the carbs. And I don't think anyone is basing their diet around peanut butter either... Remember that we eliminate the worst (gluten grains, vegetable oils, sugar), and eating a baked potato on the side is perfectly healthy. Sure there are those who may need to limit their carb intake for whatever reason, but that's why primal is so flexible. I'd eat more starchy vegetables than more dairy/nuts anyway, since if I overeat the starchy vegetables I feel fine.

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    Rice, potatoes and peanutbutter are grey zones IMO, thats why people need to discuss whether or not to eat them. Corn is never mentioned but I personally don't react to it the same way as wheat/oats/other more grain-like grains. Mark has made blog posts on both rice and potatoes and admits that they aren't detrimental for the right people, so while they aren't recommended in his book that doesn't mean they aren't "primal" or whatever.

    The hate on peanuts is pretty silly to me aswell. Botanically it is a legume and contains antinutrients, but so do all other nuts and seeds. The nutrient profile is also very much like a nut or seed (if it looks like a duck..), but ofc it still needs to be eaten in limited quantities just the same as seeds and nuts. Quinoa is also botanically a fruit, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that it contains harmful compounds and is very similar to grains.

    Bread is not really recommended though. Some people include it in their 20% though, and if they want to they shouldnt get a bad rap for it (I would personally rather eat dark chocolate and ice cream though lol).

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