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Thread: interval shuttle runs with my Border Collie.... :-)

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    interval shuttle runs with my Border Collie.... :-)

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    talk about the ultimate training partner.... would downstay him while i ran to one end...quickly touched my hand down and set a ball down at the same time.. (brought tons of balls with me..)..then, as i raced back i would release him to go get it..he would still surpass me on my way back to the other end... :-)

    did this for 20 minutes..did it clumsily in the sense that i just ran a predetermined length...touched down back and forth 8 times which equaled 60 seconds...then rested for 60...... heart rate for 10 seconds was close to 30... LOVED this!! Higher then when i do burpees or bike sprints...think i found a new two time or one time per week fun workout...!
    two birds with one Ricco out.. and myself at the same time.. yay!!!! :-)

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    That's awesome, Chia ! I'm sure Ricco is having as much fun as you are =)
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    That sounds like a blast! Play and sprints--mission accomplished.

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    Good Dog!

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